Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18, 2014: Survived the Typhoon

If I can sum my week (week and a half I guess) up on one word, it's TYPHOON. We got a little wet this week. Or rather a lot wet. Lots of miracles happen because of typhoons!

So if anyone remembers, last week there was a level one typhoon (SUPER wimpy. like, a little rain and some wind.) and we were out doing some finding. We found a lady and a cute little boy who is obsessed with Americans. Anyways, we rescheduled her for Wednesday. Well. We called her last Wednesday and she cancelled. BUT. it was because she wanted to bring her husband and two friends. WHOA. So we rescheduled. Her name is Ding Siu Je (Mrs. Ding).

Wednesday last week we visited a less active member who was really nice, and then we gave a Book of Mormon to an older couple in our ward (Poon Jimuih and Poon Hingdaaih- brother and sister Poon) and asked them to give it away. They shared their conversion story with us and it was the sweetest thing I've ever heard. They heard the missionaries together and were baptized together. Sister Poon is really afraid to give the Book of Mormon to a friend, but we know she can do it. They remind me so much of my grandparents! They're so cute. Love the poh poh [grandmas] here!!

Thursday we did some planning and were going to teach Janda but she had to cancel. Dang Hong Kong people and their busyness! Gaaaah. Oh well. We taught a couple of street lessons though. So that was good. Street contacting is still the most awkward thing I've ever done in my whole life and I can't say I enjoy it. But I'm slowly getting better.

Friday was fun. We taught a less active family and they shared their conversion story and we also gave them a Book of Mormon and some flyers and stuff to give away. Then we went out to Mong Kok to do an exchange. Since my companion is the Sister Training Leader she goes out with the other sisters in the zone. So that was fun.

Saturday I was still on an exchange with the other sisters. We did our studies and headed up to Kowloon Tong (where the temple is and a chapel). We were supposed to meet a potential investigator in the train station, but he ended up calling and cancelling. That's okay, because we didn't feel super good about meeting him anyways, even though we had Elders with us. The Lord protects his missionaries! We went out to dinner with Penny, a member who just got back from her mission, and Jasmine- a girl who's heard all the lessons but decided she just doesn't have a testimony. It was good to get to know her more and it was fun. Penny brought her 16 year old sister who isn't a member and it was a great girls night out.

Sunday was good. Remember how I said Ding SJ cancelled on Wednesday? We rescheduled her for Sunday. AND. She brought one friend and her two daughters, and another friend's 10 year old daughter too. it was such a miracle. They all committed to come to church too!! so hopefully we'll see them all this Sunday!! so crazy.

Monday. Haha. TYPHOON. It started out as a little cloudy on Sunday, some rain. Pretty typical of Hong Kong. It gets SUPER hot and then really rainy. then really hot again. So Monday, we had no lessons. Nobody was available (hence why P day is Monday and NOT Thursday.) Anyways, it was SO hot. And the day before someone had said there was a typhoon coming. Eh. the last one was super wimpy. Well. We walked out our apartment building and they had posted "signal three typhoon" which is bigger than 1, but not big enough to make us stay inside. So we traveled up and did. NO joke. 6.5 hours of street contacting. Only stopped for dinner. It was SO crazy. BUT we taught six street lessons and have away five Books of Mormon! (If you count the day before, we gave away 9 in less than 48 hours. pretty impressive.) It was really miraculous. We even rescheduled a couple of the people. One was for today but she cancelled... no worries though. We still have a few more this weekend. After returning home we got the Typhoon signal warning- don't go out. if it's level 8 or level 10 we're not allowed to leave the apartment. It was fine since we don't leave after 9 or so anyways. It was lifted by about 11 am the next day.

Tuesday was fun. We had a district meeting and I had the opportunity to teach a training on listening to the spirit and our investigators. Yay training. Then we did more finding. We ate dinner with a member. She fed us rice, pork, potatoes... squid. icky. the stuff they eat here sometimes. like, I ate a squid tentacle. with the little bumpy things still on it. SO gross. but oh well. could be worse.

yesterday was good. We did some more finding and went to Family Home Evening.

I GOT TO GO TO THE HONG KONG TEMPLE TODAY. Best thing EVER. I love it so so so so so much and will come back someday. Most beautiful temple ever. I love it. Best day ever.

So no worries, friends. Typhoons are not scary. But when they happen we have miracles. I love typhoon finding. Monday with 6.5 hours in typhoon weather finding and teaching was just incredible. And the week before we met people who we're still teaching now. So it's truly just amazing.

Love you all! Ga yauh! (Good luck!)

P.S. The snails here are massive. Wish I could take pictures while I'm out- but it's proselyting time. They're like.. sometimes as big as baseballs. but usually a little smaller. and I found a stick bug last week. legit. Like, walking stick. Super cool.
(in reference to some photos of the siblings at a lake): Dang. I want to go swimming SO BAD. It is so freaking hot here. Or rather it goes from uber hot to totally drenched and windy. Looking at those pictures brings back so many memories. Ask Jaiden if he remembers walking to the Y all the time and all the adventures we had there jumping off swings. And playing volleyball with Dad in the morning. and that tree. Dang, that kills me. I guess I forgot how much Boise meant to me. I'm definitely glad you're back. If you get a chance, could you find out Josie Minick's email address? I want to tell her I'm back. Sort of. Haha. I totally miss her and her cute family. Tell everyone from the old Boise ward back home that remembers me that I say hello and that I miss them all. It'll be fun to see people like Charise and Sherry again! Love them. Also, eat lots of Mexican food for me. Also- when I come home, that's where I want to eat first. I miss Mexican food. SO BAD.  Love you!
Hahahaha. Typhoons are wimpy. I think it's only called a typhoon because we're on an island. We can't take pictures while we proselyte, so I don't have good ones from outside. Also don't want to ruin my camera and end up like my companion- who hasn't had one for several months. We're totally fine. no worries. typhoons are THE BEST.
 More Nasty mooncakes
 Sister Crook and Sister Lubeck with some family mom doesn't know.
 Moon Festival

 The humidity just isn't kind to Sister Crook's hair
 Churches look the same in Hong Kong

 Typhoon is coming!
 HK temple
 HK temple
 Temple Day!

 At the temple

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