Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015: Training

It has been a pretty good week. Dropping off Sister Tu'avao and picking up a new sister was pretty crazy. The members wanted to spend a lot of time with Sister Tu'avao before she left, so most of our lessons this past week were helping members build their faith in missionary work. The bishop invited us to get something started to boost the morale of the members and get them pumped to share the gospel with their friends, and i loved it. He wanted them each to write down a name of a friend or family member or even a less active that they wanted to reach out to, and then pray about how they can help them. I fully support his plan and think it will bring great miracles. So far, the members all seem supportive.

This week we got to see Vicky and share a few scriptures with her. She was late and our lesson was scheduled at 9 pm so it was a really, really short lesson. But in that short amount of time, she revealed to us that she'd have more motivation to come to church if she had a calling. We almost immediately reported that back to the ward mission leader and he's going to talk to the bishop really soon.

Kacey is doing well too. She has art exhibitions on Sundays for her job so she's pretty busy and hasn't come to church for a few weeks, but her spiritual progress otherwise is really good. She is praying and reading her scriptures every day- even studying them! She came to our lesson this week with a really great question about what the difference is between a prophet and a seer. We sat down and read some more scriptures about it together and that helped her find her answer.

Basically the rest of everything we did this weekend was a bit of finding and planning. Hard core, deep planning. I know I'm leaving my area next transfer (of course) and wanted to make sure that she knows the area well. It was painful for us both but it's over now and I feel like my new companion is making progress.

Last Monday, we went to Monkey Mountain for P day and it was SO FUN. Sister Tu'avao almost got herself eaten by a monkey (literally) and in case you didn't know, monkeys are ugly. haha. their butts are so gross! but it was pretty fun to sit and watch them for a few hours. it was a good day!

Sending Sister Tu'avao home was bittersweet. She was happy to be going home, so it wasn't hard. She was excited to see her family and I can't wait to hear how she's doing. She left us some nasty stinky rice in the rice cooker that we just discovered... so that's gross. But it's okay.

I'm sorry I don't really have much to say today, not much has happened. I'm training a new sister from Oceanside California and though it's a challenge, it's fun and I hope she doesn't hate me for telling her all the things she needs to improve... haha. oh well. it's all good.

Thank you so much for everyone and all your support! love you all!
-Kuk Jimuih