Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015: Small and Simple Things

This week was really good. I feel like I repeat myself every week as I write about that, but it's true. We always seem to come out on top and have a good week by the end. We finally had some decent time to do some finding this week and saw some fun miracles because of it.

I've really been trying to focus on talking to everyone, and I am not going to lie- my trainee is WAY better at noticing people than I am. Monday evening we set out to do some finding on the pier and ended up talking with a couple of ladies who were fishing for crab. They offered to teach us how to do it, so we stuck around and talked with them for a few minutes before the inevitable question came up- "why is your Chinese so good?" Then we got talking about the church. Turns out, one of them, Ms. Yao, wants her son to believe in Christianity even though she herself is just kind of "ah, whatever is good, whatever". So we got her number and are waiting to find a time to schedule her and her son together, and then hand them over to some missionaries over where she lives. That evening we also talked with a really nice guy that was nice until he found out we were Mormons. Then he got really cold really fast. He said his pastor tells them stuff about our church over the pulpit on Sunday meetings...but then felt awkward when we asked what they said. I just don't understand why other churches feel the need to trash talk just our church. You don't hear them doing that about the baptists or the Catholics or whatever, just us. It's so sad. I hope that all of those people will have the opportunity to open their hearts to the true Restored gospel of Jesus Christ one day.

Tuesday we saw Kacey and it was a pretty awkward lesson. We had a fellowshipper for the first time in a while and I think she thought that was a little weird. That or she just wasn't used to a new missionary. We hope to help her get to know my new companion more and then I think she'll start opening up like she was before.

Wednesday was just one of those days that for whatever reason, we couldn't get anyone scheduled. So what did we do? Hit the streets. After a few hours of not really that much success, we were tired and just a little discouraged. We couldn't seem to agree on which direction to walk and it was just hard. So we just kept a prayer in our hearts that we'd find the way. Well, eventually we did. As we were walking up a hill I noticed an old man walking slowly and so I slowed down to start a conversation with him. We stopped at the top of the hill and got talking about religion. Though he has no interest in our church, he was SO nice and wanted to talk about how the world needs more people to believe in Christ. Afterwards, he offered to take us out to eat some sesame thing. We weren't really sure what to do, so we just kept talking about the gospel as we walked. It's been a long time since I've met such a genuinely nice person. We walked all the way from Sai Ying Pun to Central. That's a forever long walk. and the whole time we just talked about the gospel. Once we reached Central he bought us a sesame dessert and thanked us for our sacrifice coming to Hong Kong. Afterwards, we kept talking, this time more specifically about how the gospel blesses families. We tried to give him a Book of Mormon in thanks for talking to us, and he revealed that he actually already has one because a good friend that recently passed away was also a member. Wow! So cool. We invited him to take a look at it. After we said our goodbyes, we were just truly grateful. I think at that time, the Lord knew we just needed a decent person to talk to. And though I'm not sure if he'll ever investigate the church, I know he has a good opinion of missionaries and would be more than happy to talk with them if ever found again. That day I was really struggling to keep my faith strong in our finding and set a good example for my companion. he strengthened my faith by showing that the Lord works through other people to answer our prayers. That evening we also taught a second lesson to a really nice guy and we are going to get his number to the missionaries in his home area.

Wednesday was one of those days we saw another small and simple miracle. Before all of the above adventure happened, we were walking on campus of Hong Kong University and literally were so lost. And then in the distance we saw a white lady coming at us. Anyone who has read my emails since I got to Hong Kong knows i have this completely illogical fear of white people. they're SO SCARY here. almost none of them are nice. :/ BUT! Then she was like "HI SISTERS! Now I know why I thought to put extra cookies in my bag." It was a member from the international district who apparently works there. She gave us a baggie of homemade chocolate mint cookies. Tender mercy, for sure.

We ran into Grace this week so we rescheduled her. Thursday we got to see her. We had a  member help fellowship and I have to say, it was a really, really good lesson. She's still the same Grace as before, where she doesn't really want to make or keep commitments. But we talked about the power of the Atonement in helping us change who we are and become better people and she seemed really interested. We're going to try to start teaching her again and see if she's ready to accept the gospel. I know that the gospel will change her life if she'll just let it.

We had an amazing experience on Friday. Zone Training meeting is so inspiring and it was interesting to be back on the other side of the table- meaning interesting that I didn't have to plan zone training this time. There was an amazing training presented on giving baptismal dates. It inspired both me and my companion to be better about really making sure we invite everyone to be baptized in the first lesson and have a date by the second. That evening, we had scheduled to see a member referral and we decided we should give it a shot, exercise our faith, and invite her to baptism. We asked the member what she thought and she said "Well, I don't really know. I say if you got a training on it today, go for it. The Lord will provide." and oh my goodness He did. Our lesson went so well. We just focused on the Godhead and God's love for us. Though she isn't really sure what the gospel can do for her just yet, Kelly (the referral) agreed to keep meeting with us and said that once she learns more about the church, she'd be willing to be baptized. that is such a miracle! We've been looking everywhere for new investigators. Thank goodness for members that just got home from their missions that bring their friends to us! We thank Heavenly Father every day for that faith-building experience.

The other funny experience is there was a missionary here before that used to drive us crazy. Sister Escher and I were having a vent moment and trying to explain to our companions about how crazy said missionary drove us. To express my frustration, I threw my pen backwards to be dramatic... and accidentally chucked it out the window of our house not he 23rd floor......... oops. Sorry, random Chinese citizen. deuimhjyuh. haha. Now I'm short one pen. it's one less thing I have to throw away before i go home though, so I guess that's good.

Well that is enough blab for today. This week Sister Nettles tried her first waffle- gaakjaibeng. (waffle with sweetened condensed milk, butter, sugar, and peanut butter). So good! And then one night (Wednesday, probably) I think I just wore her out... for a second I thought i killed her. just kidding. haha.

love you all!
-Kuk Jimuih

(In reference to mom's email about On The Border closing last week): WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is 100% NOT OKAY! I was looking forward to that! both locations? everywhere? just one? yeah, most of my clothes are gross. haha. need new pants for sure. garment store on the way home from the airport sounds like an AWESOME plan. new wardrobe for christmas sounds fine. I still have some stuff at home in boxes but I can't remember what it is or if I even like it. haha. you are so scary! I literally am terrified of white people. haha. you all speak such good English and know how to be real people! give sister hawks a huge hug for me and tell her I love her! and tell president hawks I say Leih Hou. chaahm.

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