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August 11, 2014: Last P-day in America! Friends Don't Let Friends Miss Leg Day

I promise there is logic to the subject line of my email... but I'll get to that later.

Tuesday was awesome. (Happy Birthday Dad, PS. Sorry I wasn't there to party!!) I got this package in the mail from some old family friends with a cute note in it and some homemade cookies... day=made. To any of you who ever pray for the missionaries in your prayers- thank you. We feel it, and we can feel your love. You're all the best. We also had a really awesome devotional on temples, so that was good too. But the best part about Tuesday was that OUR NEW NAME TAGS CAME. Hong Kong missionaries are really awesome (best mission out there, totally not biased!) and we have double language tags because of how international it is. I'll be sure to attach a picture of my new tag. I just love it. we're not supposed to wear them around campus because other missionaries get jealous of how cool we are...literally. but hey, every mission is awesome. Nobody is better than anybody! I'm just lucky that I can read my tag now... since though I know the characters mean "church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints" I can't actually read it, since I don't know how to read characters. but now it's in English too. I'm so privileged to wear Christ's name on my heart TWICE (:

Wednesday was pretty weird. I had the "privilege" of going off campus. I went to buy some new tennis shoes with a lower drop and better support so I could maybe try not to be in so much pain all the time. It was weird, because my companions ditched me at the front desk until my driver came, and she was my companion. She was a really nice lady who was just a service missionary, probably 50 or so years old. It was nice to talk to someone new, and to talk to some one in English! we talked about her mission to England and it was great. I went to a running store and I have to laugh. the guy who helped me pick out different brands of shoes to try on was a returned missionary from the Philippines. He was talking about a particular brand of shoes and said "I can testify that these...wait. These shoes are good." Ha ha. You know you've been a missionary when you start to bear your testimony about how good certain shoes are. Ha ha. I just died, because I totally understand that. Everyone to me is Elder and Sister, not Mr. or Mrs. Yesterday Sister Nuttall made a comment about a teacher we had together in Jr. High and called her "Sister Champi" instead of Mrs. Champi. so funny.

Thursday was We were excited to get our travel plans but NOTHING CAME. freaking sucks. but Sister Robinson's mom sent her some vegetables (cucumbers and tomatoes, and peaches) and she was kind enough to share. We literally feasted on incredibly good, fresh vegetables and it was the best food I've eaten in a long time. The food here isn't bad, especially for cafeteria food. But the veggies and fruit are pretty gross and we're all desperate for some real food. We're looking forward to eating Cafe Rio in the SLC airport this week if we have time. WOO. We had a good lesson Thursday with Suki about tithing.

So the subject title. Have you ever seen those really buff guys who are super buff in the arms but have really awkwardly skinny, twiggy legs? Yeah. "Friends don't let friends skip leg day." So everyone thought it would be a great idea to do lunges around the track. So I was like "Yeah, sure! no biggie." Umm...... biggie. ha ha. We literally did lunges around the entire track. 1/10th of a mile may not seem like much, but when you haven't done lunges for a long time....yeah, it was NOT a pleasant feeling. so bad. Literally, we walked around like 112 year old grandmas for three days. I'm still feeling it. it was awful! we literally couldn't sit down, and that's an issue when you have to get up and sit down all day. We figured out if we did ninja slides from the desks to the floor we could be able to kneel. so yeah, it was pretty crazy. Don't skip leg day or you'll end up like all of us!

Friday was AWESOME. I was so stiff. BUT. WE GOT TRAVEL PLANS. I fly out of Salt Lake City at about 11 am next Monday (18th) and fly out from Seattle Washington to Hong Kong at about 2 pm. I land in Hong Kong at about 7:30 pm Tuesday night. SO FREAKING EXCITEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. and really nervous because none of us can speak this language. but whatever. We can do this. I attached a picture because we were just so excited about going to China FINALLY. longest 9 weeks of my whole life, for real. but they flew so fast! SO Friday during personal study, I traced my family history back to the year 120 A.D. So yeah, that was cool.

So funny moment of Friday. We were teaching our teacher Sister Heaton as a class, and she was pretending to be an investigator. We were practicing teaching her about temples and such. Elder Merrell started to tell this story about his family and he wanted to express how much he loved them...but it ended up coming out like this: "And then I realized, I just love you so much!!" Sister Heaton just totally lost it. She laughed so hard she was literally crying. And the rest of us were too. #CantoProblems for real.

Saturday was awesome. I totally still walked around like an old lady. We taught our English investigator Lance about repentance and it was a truly amazing lesson. I'm bummed we only met him last week, because he really is amazing. I'll try to get  a picture with him Tuesday this week. He's the sweetest and I hope we can stay in contact. He's from Roy and used to do law enforcement stuff, so that's way cool. We had a kinda rough Lesson with Suki because she really really wants to be baptized but still lives with her boyfriend, so she just isn't sure what to do. I pray for her every day and hope that someday she'll realize that God will help her through all things.

Sunday was... eh. We got in a district fight (literally.) over a stupid devotional. some people wanted to go and others were pretty adamant on not going to the departure devotional a week early. Anyways, it was totally stupid and people were just not being nice. I was pretty upset. But whatever. When you literally spend 24/7 with the same group of 8 other people sometimes you do get on each others' nerves and you just deal with it. I will be sad to see these people leave though. We're pretty much all really close and they are my family. Brother Heaton (the guy in charge of the MTC) spoke to us about who God was and that was pretty powerful too. I love our devotionals here... sad that we only have 2 with everybody.

Anyways. I have such a strong testimony of the Savior. This week I'm going to finish Jesus the Christ. It's really helped me understand my Savior more, and has been an amazing thing to read. I love you all and hope everything is going well back home. It's good to hear from you! (: Pray all 17 of us land in China safely!!

Ngoh ngoi leihdeih!
-Kuk Jimuih
This email is INCREDIBLY important so please pay attention. Not much time now but I will be back on around 2 (maybe a bit before, maybe a bit after?) this afternoon...long story. But I HAVE TRAVEL PLANS. Please note that this is also my VERY LAST P DAY IN AMERICA. Yeah, basically excited.

I depart on flight 2157 from Salt Lake City at 11:05 AM on Monday, August 18th 2014. Hopefully if it isn't too busy you'll get a phone call that morning. We supposedly leave here at 6 am, so I can't tell you exactly when I will call. but I will! for sure.

We land in Seattle Washington at 12:11pm their time, so 1 pm here. If I have time, I will try to call you again from there. There are 17 of us traveling together, so I can't guarantee I'll have time. But I will do my best to call you again if I can...not sure yet though. For sure in SLC though!

I depart from Seattle to Hong Kong on flight 281 at 2:21 pm Seattle time. I land in Hong Kong at 7:35 pm HK time August 19th!! That's about 5:30 am Tuesday morning for you. I'm not sure yet if I get to email you and tell you I survived, but who knows.

ANYWAYS. SO EXCITED. I can 't speak this language and we're totally panicking that today is literally the last P day and everything has to be packed but yeah. it's okay.

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