Monday, August 18, 2014

August 17, 2014: Last Week at the MTC

Dang, it's been a long journey. It's been a crazy week with some really crazy emotions...

Monday was good. I got most of my stuff packed.

Tuesday was good. We had our last Tuesday devotional by a member of the 70, so that was cool.

Wednesday was...Wednesday. it was long, and we taught our last lesson with one of our investigators.

Thursday was rough. It was like, the last day of real class and nobody can focus. We're all so excited for Hong Kong. Thursday morning we auditioned for a musical number since Sister Nally told us to come back last week. We did, and made it! I also had a follow up doctor's appointment about my feet. I walked in there and my doctor said "We have two choices. I can send you home to recover. It'll probably be several months." I sat there completely stunned. I seriously haven't even DONE anything here. There's no way in crap I'm going home. But then he looked at me and said "Or you can go to Hong Kong. Your choice." Of course I totally freaked out. I'm either going to be walking around in pain at home or I can walk around in pain in China... so China it is. Flights leave at 11 Monday!

Friday we had in field orientation...learned to work with members and stuff- nothing too exciting.

Saturday we had our last class and lesson with Suki and Gou JImuih. (same person). then we came back, packed some more, and now it's SUNDAY.

Happy last Sunday. One more meal at the MTC cafeteria and I'm OUTTA here. Cafe Rio for breakfast tomorrow, hallelujah! (:

So that's my week in a nutshell. Enjoy.
P.S.  Answer to mom's questions:
Thank you SO MUCH for the food. I can't even explain how much I needed those vegetables. I'll try tomorrow, I guess. but still.
Luggage/weight is okay. I'm cutting it close, with 35, 45, and probably 47 by the time I throw all my bathroom stuff in there... if I have to leave my shampoo I will, just rather not since it's newish. but yeah, I should be okay on all that.
I am totally a bundle of nerves. SO excited, but I know I totally do not speak this language. Oh well. We have to place a book of Mormon by ourselves on our first day (so probably Wednesday) so that'll be sketchy. pretty freaked out because I don't have a clue how to approach people.
My camera is good. I'm trying to upload all my pictures of goodbyes from this week but it isn't going so well... we'll try. these computers have certain blocks on them and they're stupid.
I think you do send packages to the mission home, though i don't think you really need to send me anything before Christmas.
Yeah, totally not gonna be in Provo. Check out Hong Kong street view on Google Maps- then you can see where I'm headed. it's legit, 
I swear, if you come to the airport you will not get to talk to me. I will speak only gwondungwa or something. (Cantonese.) or maybe I'll do that anyways. Umm, I can't guarantee i can call before 10. I will try, but it just depends on when we get there and how fast security is. I got a package sent yesterday. Warning- there's an envelope that says "OPEN LAST". really, open it last. it's the best part. I also threw in a few HK shirts that are way cool. wear them with pride. I love the flag pictures. like a lot. I like that you bought one. It makes me happy.

Love to everyone,

Kuk Jimuih
 Just a little Hong Kong pride at the Crook household
 Mission logo
 Entire Canto district including Elder Li (far right) who is going to San Francisco
 Elder Merrell being...Elder Merrell
I heart Gou Jimuih! She's the best.
 i heart vegetables
 More crazy Elder Merrell
 Gou Jimuih with Sister Crook, Robinson, and Killpack

 My district
 The other district

 Me and My comps
 Sisters Nuttall and Crook and ???
 Farewell Sister Mertens!  Good luck in Vancouver!
 Elders Merrell and Anderson

 Sister Robinson is excited for HK
 as is Sister Crook
 and Sister Nuttall
 and maybe Sister Killpack?

 The zone
 Sister Heaton (last lesson with jyu jimuih)
 last lesson with Suki
 Me and Elder Reid...and also his companion and Sis Nuttall being awkward
 me and Kiu Jimuih (companion)
 me and sister penrod, branch presidency wife
 more chopsticks fighting
 My district plus Sister Heaton aka Hahng Jimuih

 selfie. because we can.
 Sis Hadley, Elder Reid, and I sang in Relief Society Sunday. Sis Hatch was our accompanist
 Sister Yardley from Snow and me
 we match!
The family's final farewell photo for Sister Crook!  Good luck!

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