Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 20, 2014

Wow, what a whirlwind of a couple of weeks. It's been so crazy busy and stuffed with miracles.

Cammy- Cammy is truly doing amazing. She exercises so much faith in all that she does. I've seen such an amazing change in her since we first met her. Sister Lubeck had the opportunity to start her baptismal practice interview this week. I know she is progressing so well. She's reading with her kids, and they are even starting to remind her to pray with them before bed each night. I'm amazed at their faith. Her mom won't let her be baptized on the 30th like we hoped, but that's okay because we still have some things we wanted to work through with her. We changed her date for December 28th. I'm grateful she still has such a strong desire to be baptized.

Cherry- Cherry will be baptized this week!! She passed her interview with flying colors. She experienced some anti Sunday night, so when we called her Monday she was really worried and had a ton of questions. She's willing to ask whatever is on her mind though, so I'm glad she has the courage to ask us about that stuff. We talked with her on the phone for a good thirty minutes and have kept close close daily contact. She is looking forward to her baptism so so so much and even goes to institute with two of the YSA girls in the ward. God really does give us prepared investigators! She's adorable. Cherry told us her favorite commandment is the Law of Chastity because it means she can go to the temple and have an eternal family someday... WOW. Amazing.

Janda- Janda came to church again last week! That's two times now, and she said she's planning to come on Sunday. What a miracle! We aren't sure if we'll have the chance to see her today or not, but when we told her that she said it'd be no problem since she will see us at church on Sunday. She said she has started to recognize God's hand in her life and is starting to see answers to her prayers. We are planning to give her a new baptismal date for December 28th- since she has started to come to church we know we can help her be prepared for that date.

Sister Hung (LA)- We went LA finding and visited a sister that wasn't home last time we tried. We had marked in our little LA book that her dad answered the door, but it turns out it was her husband...and she's like, 75. She's a really sweet old lady and when she opened the door to us, she said "Missionaries!!! come in, come in!!" We've met with her once more since then. She's really busy but still prays daily and reads sometimes. What a miracle.

Sister Tsang (LA)- We have been working with her for about a month now. She's really socially awkward, but we're finally starting to get her to open up to us. It's going to be a long process but so far we've reviewed the first three missionary lessons. She's progressing really well.

Kelly- Kelly taught us about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Having her reteach us the missionary lessons is really good and she seems to learn a lot from that. I hope that we can keep working closely with her to prepare her for her December 14th baptismal date. We really need to focus on getting her to church though since she hasn't been coming. This last week, her parents wouldn't let her come, so we'll continue to pray that the Lord will soften their hearts.

I'm so grateful to be a missionary. Despite our many challenges, we've had some amazing experiences. I've been on two exchanges this week (to Tsim Sha Tsui and Kwai Chung) and have witnessed miracles around every corner.

We also met this crazy guy out in Mawan... so that was fun. And this week I ate the NASTIEST thing ever. Grass Jelly. It's like...herbal jello in a sugar-water soup... yep, super disgusting. Last P-Day we went to Hong Kong's first baptismal site and took some pretty silly pictures. It was really pretty. We also taught A-Ting (RC) how to floss her teeth. totally hilarious. Also decided that being old in Hong Kong would rock. You look at a bench with a pohpo (old lady) on it, and you blink and all of a sudden there are ten of them sitting on the bench gossiping. So funny. and the SukSuks (old men) all go out and gamble in the parks... if you're old in Hong Kong, it wouldn't be hard to find friends. hahaha.

Love you all. Thanks for your prayers. Pray for Cherry! (:

-Sister Kuk

Just outside of the train station is this MASSIVE Chinese temple, and across the street is this big, beautiful park. So it's all jsut up there in Diamond Hill. Asian missionary companion is Sister Yong (pronounced yerng, kind of) and she is from Malaysia. She's Sister Tu'Avao's companion. The little Asian lady with us is a member of their ward, Cheung Sha Wan. Her name is Sister Gwok. Super cute.
Diamond Hill:  Site of the first baptism in Hong Kong

Sister TuAveo

Adorable Sister Missionaries

Missionary Selfie

Nasty Grass Jelly

Learning to floss

Mastering flossing

Roasting marshmallows on a hot plate


At the temple


Sisters TuAveo, Lubeck, Crook and Yong

Sister Gwok

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