Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

It's only been a couple of days since my last email, but miracles have happened. I hope that as I continue to rely on the Savior we can be better focused as a companionship and continue to work towards 65 in December.

After English class on Friday, we had the opportunity to do splits. Sister Lubeck taught Cammy the second half of her practice baptismal interview. Cammy is doing wonderfully and is working quickly towards her December baptismal date. I had the opportunity to teach Cherry one last time before her baptism. Sister Lai (member) and I shared about the Book of Mormon. The spirit was really strong in that lesson and I was really grateful to share my testimony about the Book of Mormon with her. We watched a Mormon Message about it with her from Elder Holland. One can never go wrong with Elder Holland. We taught Sister Ng, a "less active". Apparently she just goes to the wrong ward. She was grateful we stopped by to get to know her but was really defensive about her going to the Tsuen Wan ward... guess she feels a little bit guilty? We didn't say anything about it- just that we wanted to meet her. We're hoping when Tsuen Wan ward moves over to Tsing Yi in a couple of weeks she'll have the faith and desire to come back.

And now for the subject- daaih yatchi sailaihwuih... The First baptismal service!! (: Cherry was baptized on Saturday! It was such a miracle and such a wonderful meeting. She brought her friend from Mainland with her. He came with us as we showed Cherry a baptism from the Preach My Gospel DVDs. Then Cherry was baptized. She shared a beautiful testimony afterwards about her experience. She said that she felt like God was knocking on her door for a long time, and she finally decided to open it to him. We decided we're going to buy her a copy of the picture of Christ knocking on the door with no handle, because that's exactly how she felt. She's so cute- as we were walking home together after her baptism, she turned to me and asked if she was a member yet, and if she had a "member card". She's really excited to be able to go to the temple. I mean, really really excited. When we asked her about her friend that she brought to her baptism, she was kind of sad and said something along the lines of he's nice, but she can't marry him in the temple. I am so glad that she has such a wonderful, eternal perspective. She wants to have an eternal family and is willing to do everything she can so she can be worthy to go to the temple. She's even taking the marriage and family prep class at Institute!

Sunday Cherry was confirmed a member of the church. I am so privileged to have been one of the missionaries to help her come closer to Christ. She has such a wonderful spirit and is so prepared. I know she has such a strong testimony already of the love her Savior has for her and I am excited to see her progress towards the temple. A family in the ward, the Lau family, invited her to come to Family Home Evening. She has a good support system in the ward. We had a woman we met on the street about a month ago come to church with her kids too. She found out that one of her son's schoolmates is also a member of our ward, so she was more willing to bring them. She's had some good exposure to the church and has a lot of interest. We rescheduled to teach her this coming Friday.

This week (or four days, I guess?) has been short but crammed full of miracles. God is mindful of his missionaries, and I'm glad to be one of them.

Brother Lau and Li On Ki (Cherry)

Cherry, Penelope, Victor, Sister Lai


Fong Gwok Wai Cammy and kids Ivan and Natalie

Special day for Cherry

Looking up from bottom of Cheung Ching Tsuen (apartment building)

Penelope Stewart and Cherry

view from the top of cheung ching tsuen, apartment building

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