Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you all know I love you and wish you a very, merry Christmas!​ All the missionaries here appreciate your prayers in our behalf. This season is such a wonderful season to remember our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to serve the Chinese people and help teach them about Christ and his wonderful example. I love you all so much and wish you the very best Christmas ever!

Singdaan faailohk!
-Kuk Jimuih

Wow. I can hardly believe how much has changed in a week... Thursday morning I sent Sister Lubeck home and picked up my new companion- none other than Sister Killpack, my MTC companion. I had a feeling I'd end up with someone from my same MTC group, but I had no idea it'd be with my companion. I'm now senior companion over here, still serving in Tsing Yi. It's so weird to be full-time senior companion. It's such a different view of the work. So far nobody's crashed and burned, and we're still meeting with most of our investigators, so that's good. it'll be a weird adjustment, and we're both still learning so much every day, but I'm grateful for the challenge.

Cammy is doing alright. We met with her once this week to teach her about the Nativity. She doesn't really understand anything about Jesus Christ... I mean, she understands that he atoned for us, and she understands that through him we can repent and return to God's presence, but she doesn't really understand what that means. She doesn't understand really why he's so important, so this week we're going to try to figure out another way to teach that, since apparently the first few times we've tried it didn't click. God will guide our studies and lessons, and I'm grateful to have this learning experience. She still struggles coming to church on time, but made it with four kids in tow (two of which were...nephews, I think?) by relief society yesterday. She's a trooper.

Kelly is doing alright. She still prays daily and reads almost every day. I feel like she's better understanding the things she reads, so that's good. She came to sacrament meeting yesterday for the first time in a long time. She had somewhere to be afterwards, but I was glad she got up and came to church. We're planning to review the Restoration and Joseph Smith with her this week to hopefully help her more clearly understand.
I'm really worried about Janda. She hasn't answered our phone calls in about two weeks. We're going to try to stop by her house and leave a picture and testimony that Sister Lubeck left for her probably this week. She's still in contact with the members though. Her new business is opening this week so we hope that after this week, all goes well and she can meet with us again.

Cherry is doing wonderfully. She has such a clear objective- a temple marriage. What a blessing!

Singdaan faailohk, everybody! I'm so grateful to be sharing the wonderful message of Christmas with everyone this week. We have awesome Christmas flyers, and it's fun to ask people how they celebrate Christmas here. Most don't, but those that do have fun traditions. We have such a happy message to share and this time of the year is truly perfect. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with my tuhnguk (...roomates? I can't remember English. sorry.) and our ward here in Tsing Yi. It's such a wonderful season of giving and sharing. I love you all! Thanks for all you do!!!

-Kuk Jimuih

(In reference to mom's questions): Yes, still in Tsing Yi. I am the senior companion, probably because my Chinese is a lot better ... but President Hawks asked Sister Lubeck if she thought it was good enough to handle senior companion. She taught me a lot about the language and yeah, I can speak well enough. my vocabulary isn't massive, but I can speak the tones clearly and my accent isn't too bad. We're getting along alright. Since my last companion was Sister Training leader, I know the mission rules inside and out.

(Unlce Matthew is married!):  Haha. can't believe Matthew's married... and she's only two months older than me. That just...freaks me out. Oh well. Guess I'll get to know her next year. Weird. I know I'll be okay to handle my new comp, but I'm more worried about our area. All we did this weekend was like..... hours after hours of finding. By the end of the night both of us were so exhausted and my feet hurt super bad. So hopefully we can reschedule more people. It's hard because her Chinese is ma ma dei- okayish. she can understand a lot more than she can say, and her last companion didn't let her say anything, so it's going to be a rough time helping her to get up to my level. oh well. no matter, I guess. I'll probably leave next transfer so hopefully i can help her feel familiar enough with the area.
Elders Areanas, Hartwig, Osbourne, Koochin.  Sisters Yeung, Lubeck, Tu'Avao, Crook

Holiday decor

Saying Goodbye to Sister Lubeck

Investigator Brother and Sister Gai

Lau Wan Sau, Brother Poon, Annie Lie, Fei Fei

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