Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014


Our lesson with Mrs. Wan fell through not once but twice this week. She's going through some personal things and hasn't had a chance to meet us. Since then, she's also not been answering our phone calls. We pray that we can have the opportunity to meet with her and her cute baby Yolanda here sometime soon. Monday night we met Winnie, who doesn't have religion but believes in Jesus Christ... wow, what a miracle. Hopefully we'll have the chance to see her this week.
Tuesday was a day crammed full of adventure. We met a crazy guy in Mawan a few weeks ago who had three life questions he *needed* answers to. We gave him a Book of Mormon and got out of there as fast as we could. Well, he had one request- asked us to find answers to his questions and give him a new copy all marked up. We spent a little bit of our prep time marking scriptures with answers to his problems. Tuesday we finally had the chance to give him the book- only to have him say "Wait. Are these answers from a philosophical point of view or a religious point of view?" That was a smack your palm to your face moment, for sure. His heart definitely isn't open to the gospel right now, so the most we can do is pray that someday it will be ready to receive the gospel. Right now we can only bring the things unto his heart- and there's nothing more to it. That evening we went with Cherry (RC) to the Joseph Smith movie in Kowloon Tong. It was a great experience and very eye-opening to her about all the things that he went through. Afterwards she went to about half an hour of institute!
Wednesday. We taught Cammy. I seriously have never been so disappointed in my whole life. That lesson was so hard. It is absolutely impossible to teach without the spirit. We got there and both of her kids were with her and were whining and crying like tired 5 and 6 years olds do after school sometimes. Cammy was exhausted since she's been in the hospital with her sister who just had a baby for the past week or so. She had little patience with her kids. Sister Lubeck had planned an activity that I didn't really understand and it was hard for me to follow the lesson. Anyways, needless to say it crashed and burned. I don't think they learned hardly anything... we'll keep trying though. I know the Lord wants her to be baptized in December so He will give us a way!
Thursday was great. Going to Kowloon Tong for Thanksgiving dinner was such a great experience. We had a couple visiting from Michigan come in and eat some of our pie and they took pictures with us and everything. It was really fun. We taught our less active Sister Tsang that night too. She's coming around and is less and less awkward (but still extremely awkward!) every time we meet with her. She's remembering about some of the things she learned 10 or so years ago. She LOVES the scriptures and marks them up and asks us tons of questions. So great!
Friday was also insanely crazy. Love it. Sister Cook and I did exchanges and I learned one thing- dang, I stink at being senior companion! No worries though. My Chinese is just....pretty bad. But it'll come. someday. After doing some finding and teaching a street lesson, we came back to the church for a family history activity that no one came we did more finding. Then we taught Kelly during English class (elders taught this week). She was still pretty sick but I'm glad she came. Our fellowshipper called five minutes before and cancelled so it ended up just being us, but we read the scriptures together. She struggles having a desire to read them because she doesn't really understand them. but that's okay, we read with her and I know her scripture understanding will come over time- I still don't understand what I read sometimes and I've been reading them for many, many years. We had planned to do splits after that lesson and teach a new investigator and Cammy. Cammy ended up leaving and not giving us a chance to even follow up with her about anything. We taught our new investigator and I guess somewhere she missed the memo of why we wanted to meet with her... so that was awkward. We ended up just explaining the Book of Mormon with her and then together reading 1 Nephi 1.
Saturday we had the Tsing Yi Chapel Open House. It was a success and lots of people came. We taught a lesson to a guy who just walked in from the street. he had lots of questions. Sunday was also good- we found a LA from previous missionaries in the area who hadn't been contacted in... 6 or so months. Her son is really disabled so she can't come to church, but hopefully we can help her feel God's love for her.

This morning we had the opportunity to go to Tsuen Wan to see this 200 year old chinese "uk", house! it ws so cool. Sister Lau (ward coordinator's wife [the one who doesn't drink blue] came wtih us)

love you all! (:

-Kuk Jimuih
Cooking muffins on Thanksgiving with Sister Hawks

Thanksgiving Dinner

Smelling the fruits of their labors

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Hong Kong

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Festive mall decor



Goal of 65 baptisms in December for the entire mission

Turkey Day Dinner

Cute photos sent from Sister Stewart (bottom left corner).  Sister Penny Stewart is a convert member in the Tsing Yi ward where Sister Crook serves.  Sister Stewart recently returned home from a mission to London.

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