Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015: Limbo

This week has been awesome. Though we didn't see success in numbers this week, we met a lot of really amazing people, heard some amazing stories, and had a lot of miracles. Also, I got to eat real Mango Float. AMAZING. filipino food is incredible.

This week we got to meet with Sister MaryBelle for her after baptism lessons. She hasn't been confirmed yet (due to two weeks of Saturday holiday) so I joked that she's in "limbo" which brought about a discussion about what that meant... got to teach my companion a new word. Super fun! Sister MaryBelle's testimony is so strong. She has an amazing knowledge already and I'm just astounded at how much she already understands. She basically taught us back the Restoration, no problems. She's kinda sad to not have Sunday holiday these two weeks because she wants to be confirmed but she's alright. She was excited to get to watch Conference again.

We also saw our Pen3 RC, Sister Blossom. She's doing well, though her life back home is falling apart. We taught her yesterday about the temple. She now has a temple recommend and is going to do baptisms on Friday for the statuatory holiday. She is seriously so so so excited. We explained to her that in the temple she'll feel peace and safety and feel relief from her family problems. She's excited to attend, though she's sad she didn't have time to prepare her own family names. Now that she has a recommend she's more willing to start her family history. We're going to get in touch with Pen3's family history consultant to get her started. Thank goodness to technology, these ladies can do their family history with each other even if it's not their day off.

We also met with a less active from Tuesday family named Sunshine. She's moving to Canada this week, so that was sad, but she was so happy to meet with us. Her sister is very active in Canada so she's excited to go over there and be in that environment. She graciously accepted another copy of the Book of Mormon and promised that she'd start reading daily.

This work is so amazing, but also so hard. I won't go into details, but we met an Indonesian sister on the street that is in a really, really bad situation. We're so grateful to have our branch president out here who is familiar with the laws and what is okay and what isn't. She doesn't have a very good employer and is trying to get out of the situation, but because of restrictions she can't get away. So we talked with president Smith and plan to give her some numbers she can call to geth elp. Though we can't do much as missionaries, we can help her get to the right people who can help her. It breaks my heart to see employers mistreating their domestic helpers. It's so sad, and we see that out here far too often. The most we can do is pray for them.

We did a branch find this week and we brought one of the Senior Missionaries with us. To any of you who are considering being a senior missionary, DO IT. they're the most incredible people ever and we look up to and adore them. so much. Like, that's my ultimate goal in life is to be as cool as all the senior missionaries here. Maybe one day I'll come back. that'd be the BEST.

So my personal miracle for this week was pretty cool. In October or so, Sister Lubeck and I were out shopping on a P-day to buy stuff to make mango float. We were in the Filipino store in the local market. A little Filipino sister came out of nowhere and just started to cry when she saw us. She's a long time member and was so happy to see missionaries. Her son is serving a mission, but because she's been here in Hong Kong for several years she didn't see him off and won't see him come home. She just hugged us and thanked us. Well, about a month or so ago Sister Killpack and I were in the MTR station ona  pday getting ready to leave somewhere. We ran into a Filipino sister who was working and she got all excited and hugged us all and told us how she loved missionaries. Flash forward to yesterday. Sister Fe (Pen3 RS president) has been out of town. I looked at the member sheet we have and noticed she was from Tsing Yi and thought she looked familiar, so when she came back to church yesterday I approached her and tld her I think I'd met her before. She got all teary eyed and said "Oh my goodness, you're the one I met in Tsing Yi- twice!" I had no idea the two sisters I met in Tsing Yi almost 6 months apart were the same person, and that I'd get to serve in her branch. She just hugged me again and thanked me. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to finally see her. I just love her so much. These ladies have the most amazing, strong tesimonies. I just love it here.

This calling is the best. I mean, wherever I am is the best, but... it's awesome. I'm so thankful the Lord trusts me enough to serve here, however long that may be. Our companionship is awesome and we get along so well. We love this work!!

Sister Crook

Also PS: I did not feel the earthquake here. we're all fine. no worries. pray for those in India and Nepal.

Pictures: comp and I with Sister Sunshine (LA who is moving) and comp and I with....some people from another branch that I don't know.

PPS: met a guy from Mongolia. he was cool.

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