Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015 Happy Easter from Hong Kong

Wow, it's hot. 28 degrees celsuis (only 84ish in Fahrenheit) but it's at 80+% humidity so it's sticky and hot as CRAP. only getting worse. but it's okay. somebody on the street said it might rain this week... so that's nice. haha. I got a pretty nice sunburn this week. In my defense, we've had cloud cover literally sitting on us for two straight months. Not a single day of sunshine since february. so I didn't think the clouds would move... good stuff. Someday it'll turn tan. maybe. then people will stop freaking out at how white I am.

It's been a pretty good week. I always have a love/hate relationship with zone training meeting because I walk out so inspired to change my whole life and be a whole lot better, and then reality hits you that a) you can't change yourself all at once, b) the perfect missionary doesn't really exist, no matter how hard you try, and c) it's HARD. but that's okay. I always have lots of new ideas and new things to try. I love our zone plans and actions, especially about focusing on the miracles that we see each day. I've been keeping a gratitude journal (just one line a day) about things I'm grateful for each day, since January 1, 2015 and I love it. It's fun to look back and see the Lord's hand in all things that I do.

We got to see Lau Wan Sau this week- our LA that's willing to meet us weekly. We're working on putting her on her way to reactivation, though she does have some stuff (WoW problems) to work through. But we'll get through it. She's adorable and even brought her own fellowshipper. We do think she opens up to us more and is more willing to ponder questions when we dont' have a fellowshipper, so we may be meeting her without one sometimes, but haven't really decided yet. We also have an LA that's been at  church for several weeks in a row and we're thinking she's getting pretty close to reactivation too, so that's good.

The gift of tongues is real. We taught a lesson to a lady who didn't really speak Cantonese- she spoke Mandarin. She was super nice. Not really interested, but it was cool to see how we could communicate even though we didn't speak eac other's languages.

We had several days of long, hot hours of finding this week and we definitely needed something to keep up our morale. Sister Killpack thought up this brilliant thing where we throw categories of people (male, female, old man, old woman, mom, families, people on benches, people eating food, etc) into a plastic bag. We both drew a paper and that was the next person we needed to try to contact. Though we don't do it for every time we find, it definitely was way more fun. The loser by the end of the night has to buy the other one ice cream. It really got us talking to more people that we'd normally pass by for whatever silly reason. We taught an amazing lesson to a cute little Filipino lady because she was the only one sitting on a bench, and now the Tagalog sisters have her number! She had a lot of interest and it was just so cool to start breaking out of talking to just the people who don't scare us. Though we didn't teach a ton of street lessons this week, there were really great lessons and everyone there could feel the spirit.

Lan Yi and Cherry are still doing great as RC's. We saw them both this week and they're still progressing. Cherry even mentioned she wants a member to read scriptures with her so they can help answer her questions. She found "The Book of Mormon Movie" online somewhere that explains basically all of first Nephi, and now she understands it much more clearly. She's gaining a love for the scriptures!

We didn't get to see Cammy this week. She had to cancel because her kids were sick and we are pretty sure she's in Mainland on vacation for today's holiday. We'll find her again this week and straighten out her expectations.

My exchange to Kowloon City went well. I love exchanges because no matter what the situation is on your exchange or in your home area, you're always so grateful to go back to your area and your companion. (Basically my comp in KLC has some issues with getting out the door on time and that's frustrating...) We taught a girl on the street that is only 18 but has wondered about why her church doesn't have a latter-day prophet... so cool!

While I was on exchanges in Kowloon City, Sister Killpack got a call from a lady named Sophia looking for me- apparently some time ago I gave her a flyer about English class and she'd been trying to come for several weeks but was always too busy. Well, she showed up, and Sister Killpack and her companion taught her! She's now a new investigator. Since meeting with her on Friday, she's already come to church once and reads the scriptures. She struggles praying because she had some past experiences that lead her to think prayer is good, but last night we invited her to just pray and thank God for her blessings and she's totally on board. She is a special case in the fact that she struggles pretty bad with depression and anxiety, and comes off a little crazy, but we love her and are going to keep teaching her with the help of some sisters in our ward that are familiar with that kind of stuff.

I'm so grateful for the Atonement this week. I love my Savior and am so grateful to know He suffered for me and knows my every pain- but I'm even more grateful for his resurrection. I love this wonderful Easter season. I'm also super grateful to spend my birthday this week listening to prophets of the Lord speak to us. LOVE them. Conference is the best. So excited! Thanks for all you do for me! love you all!

PS happy easter.

-Kuk Jimuih
P.S. A cute little personal email to little sister Tessa (too cute not to share): My Easter was pretty typical for a Sunday. We just went to church, went home, studied scriptures, and then taught a lesson after dinner. But the Easter Bunny found our apartment! lots of yummy treats. I'm glad you love piano. it's the best. soccer is fun, I do like it, but I'd rather go swimming instead. I just don't really like running :P

The funniest thing happened this week. We were finding by this big apartment place called a chyun (Cheung Ching Chyun) and we were on the sidewalk by the top (it's on a mountain) and there was a tiny gate on the ground fencing in 7 turtles. Some of them were almost 10 inches across! super big. and then a ton of little ones. I couldn't take a picture because I didn't know where the owner was and we were proselyting, but it was funny. just little turtles running around the streets. turtles are very popular here. love you!

In reference to some conference happenings and the Easter package:  I am a little sad dad didn't squish my peeps before you mailed them to me, so I smashed them for him before I ate them. Problem with hong kong is that peeps don't dry out, so no stale peeps this year. No, we really don't have any chance to see conference till Saturday. Even if they'd translated it to Chinese fast enough it's happening while we're asleep. So Saturday we see Saturdays and the RS session, and then Sunday is Sunday. its okay though.

In reference to the birthday cake she is making for herself today: Yeah, we're making it today. we'll take pictures, I promise. but tis the season for not leng (pretty) missionaries, so bear with the pictures till about... November. Its too hot for makeup or hair to look good, sorry! yeah, I fear I'll forget how to put in my contacts and do my hair... haha. I promise I used to look good. but it's too hot now. and we're too lazy. the heat just zaps you.

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