Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015: Reflections

It's been an interesting week, full of miracles and stress.

Last Monday we really tried to faithen our finding at a park in Admiralty, and it worked. I had the thought to head up a certain direction and on our way there, we ran into a Chinese girl from America who was beyond impressed by our Chinese. It resulted in a lesson and giving her a copy of the Book of Mormon before she heads back to the states. It was a tiny miracle- just helping another person get a copy of the Book of Mormon, but it was awesome. It really boosted our faith and was a great way to start the week.

We saw Grace three times this week. The first time, we saw her with a member and they did not hit it off well. Grace is kind of quick to judge others' opinions of her (she's kind of paranoid about them, actually) and immediately thinks that all the members are out to get her. Our lesson was kind of a disaster, because Grace just totally shut down. So we made plans for another member to help us the second time we saw her, but that member couldn't find us in the chapel (not sure how that happened) and it ended up just being us. But we did splits on Sunday at Wan Chai right before the My Conversion Fireside and the member from the first time was my companion. I'm not sure what happened, but Grace really, really opened up to her and we had an amazing lesson reading 1 Nephi 5 together. Grace enjoys reading the scriptures with us and really understands them. Now that that's out of the way, our next goal is to work on getting her to church with us. She's still not too keen on that idea.

We taught Ding Ding this week and she's doing awesome! She shared her testimony at the My Conversion Fireside and was awesome. She's going to accomplish her goal of coming to all of church for an entire month straight this coming Sunday, so we're keeping her in our prayers. She's almost ready for a temple recommend as well. We're so proud of her and the progress she's making!

WE also have some new investigators- Linda and Terry! Linda is a mom from Mainland somewhere and Terry is her 8 year old son. They came to church yesterday and last week and we've taught them twice. Terry isn't so much interested in the gospel as his mom is, but we'll work on it. We're planning to make some plans to teach him the lessons in a way that's entertaining to him and enjoyable. I did that a TON in Tsing Yi with Cammy, so I'm grateful for that experience that can help us out now. Linda is progressing very well and is so accepting of everything. She's so prepared!

With transfers coming up we're super stressed. We have some changes happening in the area that I can't tell anyone about till next week (just in case by some weird reason it gets to other missionaries before tomorrow) but we're prepared. We have spent a lot of time together and on our own on our knees pleading with our Father in Heaven to take these burdens from us, and He has. I can testify that I know with all my heart that the Savior loves us and wants to take our burdens from us- all we have to do is ask. It's amazing. I'd like to invite you all to go out and invite somebody (friend, family member, neighbor, etc) to learn about the healing and enabling power of the Atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ. It's truly amazing.

While on exchanges this week I learned about humility and the importance of talking to everyone, even if they're not Chinese. (For those of you who don't know, I have a completely rational fear of white people. They're TERRIFYING.) We met an amazing Hindu girl named Jayoti and I can't even begin to tell the world how prepared she is to hear the gospel. She's from India, so the whole lesson was in English. But it was fun. She's so cute. We're going to turn her over this week to the international elders.

It's been a fun week and a few days of reflecting as I was given my release date today. I can't believe one year ago this coming week I went into the MTC. It feels like an entirely different world, and I know I'm an entirely different person in so many ways. I am so blessed for all the people that I've been able to spend time with here. They've truly changed my life in so many ways. I love my area and my companion and am just truly so blessed and grateful for being able to serve the Lord in Hong Kong! It's the best mission ever. Don't argue with me about that. (;

Love you all. thanks for the support! (:

-Kuk Jimuih

PS We're hitting up California Pizza Kitchen for lunch today after emails. In case you were wondering, California Pizza Kitchen does indeed exist in Hong Kong China. I LOVE AMERICAN FOOD.

P.S. So. Just for a heads up. I am doing this personal sanctification thing and trying to be more focused in my missionary work, especially now that I'm on the downhill of the last 6 months. I really want to give the Lord my everything- heart, might, mind, and strength. I will still email you weekly but probably won't chat back and forth with you unless I'm dying or something. So don't be freaked out. so if you have anything that needs an answer, please send it in its own email and I'll respond- just won't be around to chat. If that makes sense, awesome. thanks for supporting me in doing this. (: love you!

*No photos this week :(

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