Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015: The Gecko

I think overall it's been a pretty successful week. For the first time in I think my whole mission, we're actually really, really busy- teaching people. That is so cool. Granted most of our teaching comes from our less active recent converts, but it's okay- we'll get them there. They'll come back.

Kelvin is still as solid as investigators can come. Wow, he's so amazing. We taught him the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ this week and he just sat there taking it all in. He asks so many good questions- questions that made us turn to the scriptures and really search out the answers. I think the thing that amazes me most about him is that we'll say things like "Yeah, to get back to God's presence you've got to do some things like endure and read your scriptures (he's already read all of 1 Nephi.) and pray and keep the commandments..." and then he's like "Awesome, what are the commandments so I can start keeping them?" Who just says that?! prepared people. This week we plan to teach him the Sabbath Day and the Word of Wisdom, because those are the two commandments he probably has problems with. He promised that he'll change his schedule this coming Sunday so he can come to church- actually said it'd be really easy. We are going to keep praying for him to keep that commitment.

Sumi is our other investigator, and she is 13 years old. She really, really wants to be baptized and has such strong faith, but Sumi faces the challenges that most 13 year old Hong Kong kids do- they need to study. Because she's so young, study is still pushed really hard, and like every other Hong Kong kid, she's involved in a bajillion activities on Sundays.

Brother Chan is still doing awesome. He is making good progress and we're going to make sure he gets the priesthood here soon. They brought up a sign up about helping the young men do baptisms for the dead at the temple this week, and Brother Chan was asking about how he can get there. WOW. So awesome. We're going to get him to the temple as soon as possible! He has such an amazing desire to serve the Lord. I know he wants to serve a mission really bad, but his health isn't very good right now. We want to really help him understand the importance of resting and taking care of himself physically and spiritually.

We FINALLY scheuled Vicky this week. (RC/LA). She doesn't have anything but her own laziness keeping her from coming to church on Sundays... She heard the talk in conference in April about how a sister went less active for a long time and then came back later, and Vicky said she wanted to do that... and that's exactly what she's done. We just don't know how to help her get the motivation to come back to church...

We got to see Ding Ding this week (RC) and she's still doing well. She starts school this week so she's going to be even more busy, but she has expressed interest in going to BYU to study so we need to get her regularly coming to church so she can meet with the bishop to apply for BYU.

We had a miracle this week! When I first got here to West Point, we were meeting with a mom, Sister Chu, and her kids. Her kids were baptized before her but they all went less active after a little bit. The husband/dad of this family really, really does not like the church and sometimes keeps them from coming. Anyways, yesterday the Chu family (Sister Chu and her two kids) walked into church... 15 minutes EARLY! wow. What a miracle. When we met with them this week after a long, long time of no contact, we asked the family what their expectations are. The daughter, Ki Ching told us that she just wants her dad to be baptized. It's so sweet to see that an 11 year old girl already knows the happiness that the gospel can bring her family.

Kacey (LA) also came to church for the first time in like... probably over two months. She left after sacrament meeting, but I think we're making good progress with her. I think the more time she spends with the ward the more willing she will be to come back to church.

Our little popo Sister Chan (LA) is also doing okay, but she was sick yesterday so she couldn't make it to church. Because most of her problem is that she just forgets a lot (I mean, she's 83ish years old. it happens.) we're planning to turn her over to the Relief Society and have them help us get her to church.

Sister Lee (RC/LA) is also doing okay. She didn't come to church this week but she's making progress spiritually and that is what is important.

We had the opportunity to go back out to Peng Chau this week, and we took one of our less active ward missionaries with us to do some finding. Though we didn't really find anyone with new investigator status, we had some cool experiences. The day we went out was raining insanely hard as we traveled there. But I feel like almost as soon as we stepped foot on to the island, it cleared up. It was cloudy, but the weather was beautiful. We weren't even wet. We visited our less active Sister Siu that lives out there and again, we really just are still at a loss with her. She makes all these stupid excuses for why she can't come to church. After talking with an American member that also lives out there (goes to DB ward) we realized that it's possible her excuses stem from the fact that she really wanted her husband to receive the gospel when they were younger and he just never did. I think that shook her faith. This is another one that we are just going to turn over to the ward, because she gets really attached to missionaries and we don't really want that.

I am absolutely exhausted this week. But I take that as a sign that we worked hard and did good things. Though we didn't have hardly any finding time, there were people that were brought to Christ, and that is what is important. I am so grateful to be serving here in Hong Kong. It's been such a good week! Thanks for all your support.

So the funny story of the week- the gecko. Last night my companion was brushing her teeth and was about to spit into the kitchen sink when she saw a gecko just chilling in our sink. Which is fine. They come out sometimes, it's whatever. I picked one up in Tsing Yi chapel once. Anyways. Sister Adams (roommate) was like "Just be careful. If you pick it up only by it's tail the tail will fall off and it'll just run away." I was like "Oh really? that's weird. Okay." so I use this paper towel to try to pick up the gecko, just like lsat time, and as I caught him and picked it up, the tail fell off and was wiggling all over in the sink. So of course i freak out and drop the gecko and start freaking out without making too much noise because our other roommate Sister Escher is terrified of geckos. Oh it was so funny. So we managed to get the gecko thrown out the window of our 23rd floor apartment.... but the tail was still wiggling in our kitchen sink. Thats so disgusting. So in case anyone was wondering, it's real.

Love you all. thanks! (:

-Sister Kuk

(In reference to mom's email): Be grateful for those weeks when you have nothing to do!!!!!!! I wish more than anything that I had the time to just curl up on my bed in my blanket while it's raining and read books. But alas, 1) it's wayyyyyy too hot to do that. and 2) I don't even have time for myself. ever. our less active told me my hair looks like a mad scientist, because the front pieces are really, really curly and really frizzy (my hair gets curlier by the day and it's so mahfaahn) and I just don't have the energy to even try to bother with it these days. it's too hot.

I think for your talk you can talk about the Atonement. If you just relate it back to Jesus Christ, it will work. There's a good talk from conference last april (2015) called "If you will be responsible" and there's a section under point three about how Jesus forgave a man of his sins- before the atonement had happened, and how perfect Jesus had to have known his purpose to be able to do that- because if he messed up all mankind would be doomed. it all goes back to the Savior and his willingness to suffer for us. 

As far as a package goes, I really think I'm okay. if you feel you must stuff it full, you can send us cupcakes or twinkles or something. you just can't get good stuff like that here...

Sister Tu'avao just loves that you fly a Hong Kong flag. also dad looks a lot like grandpa crook n that picture. weird.

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