Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16, 2015: Mongolian Temple Day

West Point is still doing well! It's been yet another busy week, and we don't have much time for finding (which is a blessing and a curse at the same time). And thank the sweet heavens it's starting to cool down. We're definitely grateful to live in Kennedy Town though, because it's so much cooler than up in Kowloon. Ga yauh!

This week we saw Kelvin twice. He is doing amazing. He'd asked us before about what our church believes about drinking coffee and tea, and we said "We'll address it later, but you're right- we don't drink it." So we planned to teach Kelvin about the Sabbath Day and about the Word of Wisdom. He said he'd already changed his schedule so he can come to church on Sunday. He can't not work on Sunday because it's just him and one other guy, but he said he's thinking about changing jobs by the end of the year, so that will help him to not work on Sundays at all. When we taught about the word of wisdom, he had a lot of questions about why tea is bad- said he understood everything else really clearly. So after doing the best we could to testify of the truthfulness of the restored gospel through Joseph Smith and the importance of modern day revelation, we invited him to quit drinking all coffee and tea. He agreed. Didn't even think about it for a second. It just goes to show that there truly are prepared people out there! This man is truly willing to change everything in his life for a church he's only learned about for a few weeks. it's truly such a miracle.

Brother Chan (RC) is still doing awesome. We had family home evening this week with him and a member's family and we talked about temples. He has a real desire to go to the temple. We hope to get him started on some family history soon so he can take his own family's names to the temple.

Met with Ting Ting (RC) again and though we had a good lesson, it seems that her desire to come to church is less and less... Right now we're working to visit her with her visiting teachers to help keep the good relationship between her and the ward going.

We met with Kacey (LA) as well and baked brownies with her and taught her about how brownies and enduring to the end have a relationship. It was a fun, more laid back lesson which is what I think she needed. She knows that being less active is bad, and wants to come back. It's just a matter of helping her build up that motivation without forcing her. I think she's on her way back, even though it takes some more time.

One of our less actives, Kenson, is going to America to visit for two months so he promised to keep seeing us until then. He'll be traveling to several different states to see family and friends, but we're hoping to find a way to keep him going to church even while on vacation.

Yan (RC/LA) is doing okay. We watched Finding Faith in Christ with her, which she really enjoyed. She did mention that she doesn't think she has very strong faith right now, so our plan is to help her learn to build up more faith- in God, Jesus Christ, and of course herself. The fact that she's even willing to meet with us right now is truly a miracle and we'll take what she gives us and run with it.

We saw Sister Chu and her family last week (LA). We taught the importance of family prayer and I think she really enjoyed it. I think it helped her see more of an eternal perspective for her family. I know helping keep her and her kids strong in the church even with s strong opposition from her husband will be a challenge, but I know that she can overcome it. It's all a matter of faith.

So last  P-Day we took a FOREVER long train trip up to the north part of Hong Kong... SO DIFFERENT. we went biking out onto a road in the middle of a lake and it was beautiful. Absolutely amazing, and so incredibly different from where I live. SO fun! And then today we went to the temple (HUZZZAH) and our temple session was in...none other than Mongolian! There was a Mongolian family that came to Hong Kong to receive their endowments. So cool! What a blessing to have a temple in our mission. its so cool to see saints from all over the world come to Hong Kong to receive the blessings of the restored Gospel. It's real! I love you all som much and thank you all for the prayers and support!

-Sister Crook

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