Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20, 2015: Mark Fai, the Drunk Guy

The work's been good this week. Won't bore you all with the details, but Cammy and Kelly are doing well. Finding's been a little rough as we do like, a LOT. but it's alright.

This weeks blessings:

Monday: A former potential that fonged us (didn't show up) called and rescheduled!!! (and then proceeded to fong us again... but no worries, we'll see him again!)
Tuesday: Cammy has a new baptismal date! WOO! Working hard. Had district lunch of PANCAKES and vanilla syrup before district meeting. So great.
Wednesday: Cherry. We taught her her last ABL and then had a nice discussion where she said "When I think of America, I think of... tornadoes." Haha. Told her to go watch the Wizard of Oz and listen to Wicked. Gotta follow up on that one. Haha. She's so funny. I just love Cherry.
Thursday: I love weekly planning. Still. The other sisters did some of my family temple names on their temple day! What a blessing.
Friday: Mark Fai the Drunk Guy. Also visited the cutest pohpoh less active EVER, Sister Chau. She is like a grandma to us and gets mad when we're "not wearing enough coats because it's cold" and feeds us some kind of food every time we visit (even though we protest) because "we're not eating enough". Love her.
Saturday: Had a birthday party for A-Ting (RC) and she's still doing well, really wants to serve a mission!
Sunday: Love church.
Monday: Met TWO nice people on the streets. Woo. Neither had interest but at least they were nice to us.
Today: TEMPLE. I love temple day. We got to hear the session in Cantonese and it was about the coolest thing in the whole world.

Now for the subject of this email... Mark Fai the Drunk Guy. This story is you gauze (funny) so hold onto your pants.

To start off, the elders probably think we're a ding dong companionship that ONLY finds crazy people on the streets. Which is honestly probably true, but when you go out and talk to almost everyone, you're bound to find loads of wackos. Anyways, we were finding and almost about to go in for dinner before English class on Friday where this man approached us and said "Hey, you're Mormons! I used to go to the Mormon church." SO we obviously started asking him about his life and stuff. His name was Mark Fai. Anyways, we didn't really understand what he was saying because he talked really fast and was speaking in Japanese to us too, so we just invited him to English class........ mistake.  Haha. The guy shows up to the elder's AWESOME English class (played family feud!) and as soon as he sat down, he was like "BEJAU! BEJAU!" and then the word for throw up which I can't remember... anyways, he was super drunk and ran to the toilet to throw up. So that was fun. Then he came back and proceeded to make weird comments about the very good looking elders (his words, not mine!). Then when we asked about "expressions of love" as a family feud category, he said lots of stuff about "I love you verrrrrryyyyy uuuuchhhhh with a kiss!" it was so so so so so funny. So we finished English class and packed up to leave and he left... and then Martin, our 78year old English junkie man, said "He's drunk." It was so funny, just because of how blatantly he said it. Good times.

Moral of the story: Don't bring drunk men to English class.

Love you all!

Love, Sister Crook

(In regards to mom's letter and college after the mission): Is Jaiden thinking of USU? I thought that would be the funnest thing ever if he went up there too. I think it'd be awesome awesome awesome. I was even gonna write him a letter and tell him he should go there. We have 6 temple names done (sorry, little chines people just can't pronounce italian names..... it's really, really funny) and I'll throw them in the mail for you tomorrow. Thanks!

Some really pretty sister missionaries.  Sisters Killpack, Crook, and Robinson (MTC companions and now roomies).

Fabulous Hong Kong missionary!

Temple Trip

Crook and Killpack: Temple Trip

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