Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

What a week. I can't believe it's 2015 already... weird.

Cammy is doing well. She couldn't come to church this week because it was her husband's day off, which was a pretty big bummer for us. But a ward member invited her and us over for dinner the other night, and I really feel like it was beneficial. The ward member is her fellowshipper that we use most of the time, and her husband is in the bishopric. It was such a good experience for her to better get to know them outside of church. We watched the Testaments together, and she really enjoyed it. We didn't stay for the end of the movie so we could be home on time, but I feel like Cammy really benefited from it. She still struggles remembering to read every day but she's doing a lot better than she was. She still prays. I'm excited to see her progress. She's still praying about a baptismal date.

Kelly is also doing well. This week we finished watching the Joseph Smith movie with her. We asked her a lot of questions about how she felt about it, and I think she really enjoyed it. She was amazed at how much he experienced for the church, and when we asked her why she thought that was, she told us it was because of his testimony of Christ. We want to help her have that same testimony of Christ. She still reads and prays. She reads in random places, so we want to try to get her reading from the beginning of the book of mormon again like when we first met her. She too is still praying about a baptismal date.

This week we have a new investigator, Dena. The Sha Tin sisters found her through a former potential, and turned her over to us. She has interest in English class and also wants to learn the piano. We're working to find a fellowshipper that maybe wouldn't mind teaching her a little piano after or before our lessons. We have some people in mind, just haven't talked to them yet. She has no religion but seems excited to meet with us, and she 's really nice. We have to teach really, really slow, but I think that's alright.​

This year, I decided not to make some stupid resolution that I'll never keep. Everybody tries to diet or quit things or start making new habits and I think it's silly. Why should we make a resolution we know we're not going to keep? So I decided to do something different.

Rather than tell myself I wil write in my journal every day (because I won't) I decided to take a small notebook and write down one small thing a day I'm grateful for.

January 1: Grateful for a new year, fresh starts, and Hong Kong
January 2: Dena! The patience of our district leader, because I'm clearly still learning how to be a missionary and a senior companion...haha.
January 3: Kenny Fong's love for meatloaf... He invited us to dinner with Cammy and went off about when he served a mission in Utah and people fed him meatloaf all the time. he tried to explain meatloaf to Cammy and said "It's like a loaf of bread...but it's MEAT. real MEAT!" so funny. grateful for nylons.
January 4: MY MOM! Happy birthday! (:

haven't gotten to today's yet since the miracles haven't ceased. (:

Love you all. it's been a good week.

-Kuk Jimuih (Sister Crook)
Sister Crook trimmed her own hair

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