Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015 Tsing Yi Tsuen is burning down

We had a pretty good week this week. Monday night I said hi to a girl in the crosswalk and we ended up talking for quite a bit of time about things from school to church and everywhere in between. She didn't have a ton of interest but she was so nice, and it is jsut so much more fun if we get out there and just talk to people! I love learning about other people's lives.

Tuesday night after the temple, we saw our less active Lau Wan Sau. We've been working with her about once a month, ish, sicne I got to Tsing Yi in August. Well, she let us know that night that people have told her before that they are going to stop teaching her because she "just can't learn". How sad!! So we let her know we want to see her every week and set some pretty solid expectations. We're going to get her on her way to reactivation, but I think the first thing we need to do is to help her strengthen her testimony. There's a lot of stuff she's just really unclear on. She said she can't even talk to her dauther (who's active) about church stuff because she just doesn't understand. We're working on getting the ward more involved. She's adorable and when we said "we promise to help you", she got teary-eyed and just said "dojeh, dojeh". She's really excited to learn, and we decided we'll teach her from the gospel principles book and give her her own copy as well. It'll be great. I'm excited to have a goal in mind for her.

Wednesday we taught Cammy, and it was a total bummer lesson. She told us she doesn't even know if she has a desire to know if God loves her, and definitely doesn't know he's real yet. She just really isn't progressing, even though she prays daily and feels peace when she prays and she reads a chapter in the BoM every night and reads with her kids... Her mom is definitely pressuring her to stop going to a Christian church (she's baai-sahn) and it just causes us a lot of problems. She revealed that half the time she doesn't come to church is because her mom stalks her out and waits for her across the street and waits til Cammy is almost in the church and then calls her and gets her to not go. It's really sad. Our member even told us after out lesson that she's surprised we haven't dropped her yet... We are afraid to drop her but definitely aren't quite there yet. I think this week (we've planned to really teach God thoroughly) will tell whether or not we should do that. It's so hard to see these people you love struggle so much, especailyl when her kids are already gaining their own testimonies. Both kids already know how to pray and like reading the Book of Mormon story book. We also saw Cherry (RC) and she's doing great.

Thursday we met with Lan Yi and she's also doing awesome. She remembers more and more each time we see her. She's just the cutest little old lady ever. We love her a lot!

We taught Cammy again on Friday and really hit hard the doctrine about God. Who he is, where he came from, what he does for us, etc. Hopefully it helped. She came to the last hour of church Sunday.

Saturday we went clear out to Park Island (Mawan) to meet a new investigator from last week, but she fonged... so we used that time to do some finding. Finding out there is hard because it's a lot of foreigners and really, really rich people who just throw anti at us, but we talked with a mom on a bench who was from Mainland and just had no concept of God, so we taught her to pray and talked about the plan of salvation. She wants to come to English class too so hopefully we can see her after she gets back from her trip to Taiwan this week.

So after temple day last week, we took an adventure to our apartment to do our studies. Some sirens were blowing outside so sister Killpack turned to me and said "Sister Crook. WHAT DID YOU DO?" jokingly, of course. Then she got up and left to the bathroom. She came back and the sirens were still going, so of course the curious soul would look out the window. She started to PANIC. "WAAAH. WAAHHH. LOOK AT THIS." Lo and behold, I looked out the window and what did I see? Tsing Yi Tsuen (the estate across the street) was on fire. hard core. Cherry (who lives in another tsuen over there that way) said some lady left her hair dryer on... satbaaih. fail. LIke, bgi time. No people were harmed! Only a dog died, poor dog. I wish I could've taken ictures of the damage from over there (we went finding there a couple days later) because it was nasty. All the appliances were totally melted and everything was charred. Thank goodness nobody was hurt. It was an adventure for all, and definitely a great conversation starter!

Nothing else really happened this week...haha. oh well. More adventures to come next week! love you all! (:

-Kuk Jimuih

PS. Went to the mall today and they have giant Hong Kong monopoly set up... not sure why. but it's cool.


Happy Birthday to Elder Gilmore in Alaska!

Life size Monopoly board in the mall

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