Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015: West Point

It's been an insane week of crazy running around everywhere, but I feel like it's been awesome. Hearing I was moving on Monday wasn't a surprise- we knew it was coming soon. But when the zone leaders told me I'd be moving Tuesday afternoon, I went into total panic mode and started packing like crazy. By 11 that night I was totally set and ready to move out Tuesday morning. I was definitely surprised to find out I would stay on Hong Kong Island in an area called West Point.

Tuesday we found out I wasn't moving until Wednesday, and I was so grateful to have one last day of finding out with Sister Arevalo and one last day to spend with the Victoria 2 Tuesday Family sisters. That was our assigned family, so even though (despite our efforts) we had no one to come to church with us, we still got to be there to support those sisters. We ate dinner with them and I had the chance to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting to them. I am the luckiest sister in Hong Kong to be able to serve there, and I'm so grateful for every experience that happened there- whether they be good or bad. I just truly cannot express how grateful I am. It was amazing.

Wednesday was a mad dash of crazy up to the mission office to pick up my new companion, and then we headed back down to the Island to my new area. There are a lot of things about this area that are very similar to my first area, and a lot that are different. For one, the finding is so so so different. From anything I've ever done anywhere. But that's alright. I just keep praying that with time the Lord will help me to adjust. I already love the people, especially the ward. Wednesday we had the opportunity to visit with the Mak Family (Joseph Mak's family) and share with them about the restoration. It turned more into  discussion on how we as missionaries conquer those hard questions on the street, which was good. It was my first lesson in Chinese after not speaking it for a month (besides language study) so that was really, really rough. I pray every day my Chinese will come back quickly. I haven't lost much vocabulary but my fluency has definitely died a bit. it's okay though. Diligent study and SYL will help. That evening we also saw a less active member that reminds me a TON of an LA in Tsing Yi. Hopefully that experience will help me know how to help Sister Mak learn to apply the gospel to herself.

Thursday we did our weekly planning, some finding, and then went to scripture class. I am amazed at how well that class went, and seriously think every ward should start doing one. Most of the attendees were less actives or investigators, with a few of the members there as well. We got a really good discussion going about the chapters read last time, read a chapter together, and then gave out homework for the next week. Everyone there participated- missionaries, LA, members, investigators, etc, and it was really amazing. It's definitely something I want to encourage in my own future ward, whether it be with the RS sisters or YW or whatever my future calling may be.

Friday was an amazing zone meeting. I really loved the training on how to do better phone calls. I feel like once we get past the people hanging up on us when we ask if "so and so" is there, they'll be really great. We taught a really great lesson to a member who pretended to be herself while she was investigating the church. She helped us know how to better teach the Book of Mormon and even thanked us- our lesson helped her prepare for the lesson she was teaching to us in Relief Society on Sunday. The spirit really guides us in what to teach!

We had our first real day of finding on Saturday. Finding here is so different- it's all on the busy streets. But it's getting less and less weird each day and I hope that it will continue to follow that pattern. We taught one of our less actives as well and we think she's well on the way to reactivation.

Also, happy Mother's Day to the best mom ever. Mouhchanjit faailohk! (:

-Kuk Jimuih
(MAN it feels good to sign my name in Chinese again. whoop.)

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