Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 27, 2015: Changes and Blackout Rain

This week has been good, and it's always nice to take a trip to the temple. Though I wish we could go more often than once a transfer, I'm just grateful we even have a temple that's close. I have so many friends serving in America who don't have temples in their missions. We're so blessed. Each temple day is filled with meeting amazing people from around the world that sacrifice so much to come to the temple. Every time I am never ceased to be amazed at how much people sacrifice to get here. The blessings of the temple are so real!

Bella didn't make it to church last week. We know she's a little freaked out about baptism (doesn't think she's ready, which is fine) so we have a pretty solid plan in line for her, if she'd just let us meet with her. I have only met her once but I know she'll come around- just may need some time first.

We have a new investigator this week named Grace. She's actually a former from when Sister Cook (my MTC teacher) served here a couple of years ago. I emailed Sister Cook and asked her if there was anyone she wanted us to follow up on. Turns out Grace is super willing to meet with us! She's excited that we know Sister Cook and happy to be hearing the gospel again. She has a little bit of social anxiety, so she's a little afraid to come back to church after not coming for a few years, but we'll work with that. I think with some love and patience, she'll come around.

We have a few less actives that are progressing towards reactivation. Sisters Chu and Mak are on their way. Both of them really love our weekly scripture class and they are doing well. Their testimonies are getting stronger and stronger every time we see them. I think it'll still be a few weeks out at least before they are reactivated but they're getting close. What a blessing!

We got to see Ding Ding this week (RC). She is also doing well. The bishop gave her a challenge to come to 4 weeks all 3 hours of church consecutively, and then she can work towards her temple recommend. I have to say, the bishop in this ward is amazing. He's really working hard to make sure our RCs stay solid and don't go less active really fast.

Vicky and Yan (RCs) are a little more worrisome. We haven't been able to get in contact with either of them in several days. We keep praying for them and hope that they'll answer their phones soon. Casey (RC/LA) needs a lesson in the Sabbath Day, because she just doesn't seem to understand that coming to church is part of her life now. I really love what Sister Jackson says: "Church isn't just a thing you do. it's a lifestyle." She tells that to everyone- members, people from the streets, missionaries, etc. I think it's awesome. She has such a wonderful attitude towards the gospel and how it can change lives.

West Point is overall doing well and I'm so happy to be serving here. I feel like we see miracles on a daily basis and just love the area, the people, and the ward.

We got changed out (taken to dinner) Monday night, last night, and are going to a member's house tonight. The relief society president sends around a list every Sunday in which she says "The missionaries are missionaries and therefore are poor. So either give them food or feed them!" It's pretty effective, haha. The members here love us and we love them and it's great. We ate some super yummy Thai food Monday and Taiwanese food yesterday. Tonight is a good old homemade meal. I think she's making salmon, so it's probably super awesome.

So about once a week we have the chance to walk the streets in front of the Wan Chai chapel and try to pull people back into the chapel for a tour and teach them a lesson. Well, this week we got DUMPED on. literally. It has been raining SO much. There are three levels of rain- amber (anywhere from sprinkling to a little bit of rain) red (torrential downpour) and black (dumping so much rain that it's dangerous to go outside). And then if there's wind it's called a typhoon. Well, Wednesday night we had the chance to do Wan Chai pullbacks and it DUMPED on us. so much. holy crap. it was a red rain warning. So fun! We both came home and were just drenched. But it was so fun! And then yesterday it rained even more and we got a text saying it was black rain and weren't allowed to go out- but it only lasted for 30 minutes so it's all good.

I've been in HK for 9 months now, so I have permission to start to study Chinese characters. I'm so excited to be able to start to learn how to read the Book of Mormon in Chinese- real chinese, none of this pinyum junk. so fun!

Love you all! (:

-Kuk Jimuih

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