Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015: Bittersweet and Rotten

It's been a wonderful week. I find that I'm rather enjoying my new area. Actually, I love it here. It's great. It's so different from my last two areas that it's still taking some adjusting time, but it's alright. I'm getting more confident in my street finding- it's definitely different than chyun finding in Tsing Yi or finding in International. But it's all good and thank goodness my sweet companion has a lot of patience. I'm learning so much from her and am so grateful to be serving with her.

So far I've only met one of our investigators- Bella. She works in realty and will come to church when she doesn't have to work, but she doesn't seem to have much motivation to ask anyone about getting Sundays off. She likes church because she likes the people there, but doesn't really understand that there's only one true church out there. It was good that she came to church with us yesterday. She only came in a little bit late and stayed all three hours.

We got to see Sister Chu this week. She is doing alright, and definitely loves our weekly scripture class. I think she is starting to better understand the scriptures. When we met with her this week, she even set a personal goal to have better scripture study with her family in the evenings. She came to church on Sunday as well!

We met with a less active named Sister Pun and she literally has no motivation to come back to church. She knows that working on Sundays and not reading scriptures or praying is bad, but she doesn't really want to do anything about it. We're reviewing the missionary lessons with her and helping her to build her testimony of really simple things like faith.

Sister Mak is doing well. We didn't see her last week in a scheduled lesson, but we saw her at scripture class and she came to church. She really, really likes the scripture class as it helps her to better understand the scriptures.

We saw our RC Yan this week and baked cookies with her and taught how enduring to the end is like all the ingredients that one needs for enduring to the end. Scripture study, prayer, going to church, service, and many other things are what help us make it through the "hot oven" of trials that God gives us, and in the end we're a chocolate chip cookie in the celestial kingdom. She liked it and understood really clearly how to endure and apply it to her life.

This week especially, we had two special experiences that shows that there are only two kinds of people- the prepared, and the not prepared. A few weeks ago the sisters here met a high school girl and talked to her for like, five minutes before exchanging numbers and leaving. When my companion called last week, she ended up talking to the girl's mom, who scheduled to see us tomorrow. She wants to learn how she can help her daughter have more peace and happiness in her life. We're so excited to be able to share how the gospel blesses families with her tomorrow! But last night, we met a nice woman who just couldn't wrap her head around the fact that there truly is only one "true" church with all the same principles Christ taught while he was on the earth. We tried to explain it in so many different ways and she just didn't get it. I pray that someday she'll understand and have a chance to meet missionaries again, whether it be in this life or the next.

This week was bittersweet because it was the last chance we had to hear from our mission president. President and Sister Hawks are finishing their mission soon and it breaks all of our hearts. We've all grown to love them so much, so listening to their final talks to us in Zone Conference was so so so sad. But I'm excited for the new mission president, as I know he'll bring miracles to Hong Kong. I'm so grateful for the example of endurance that the Hawks have given us. Every single time President Hawks bears his testimony, he tells us everything he has is because of Sister Hawks. Their example of love and support for each other is amazing, and I can only pray my future family will be the same. They shared some wonderful words of wisdom and it's been such a pleasure to serve with them.

This week was rotten because the sister who left to go home a few weeks ago left some food on the floor. Nobody really knew what it was, because by the time my companion found the source of our smelly apartment, the food was so rotten it was literally wet. SO nasty. Just thought you'd all like to be enlightened. The sisters we live with sometimes leave their food out to rot..... so that's gross.

We also were walking past our ward mission leader's store, and he pulls out these tiny turtles and puts one in each of our hands. So we got a nice break from our finding for a few minutes as we played with tiny turtles. it was AWESOME. Look at the picture and please take note of the angry looking Chinese lady in the background.... hahahaha.

Hope that made your day. Love you all. (:

-Kuk Jimuih

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