Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015: Awkward Missionaries are Real

Things are looking good in West Point for this week. We saw some pretty cool miracles and had a busy week , as always.

Mr. Chan is doing well. We are going with him next week out to Ap Lei Chau to visit his daughter in a mental hospital. When we asked if he'd like us to go with him he was so excited and said "Of course!!" This man. He is just so cute. he's like my own little Chinese grandpa, and I want him to receive this gospel so bad! He is still looking good for his baptismal date on August 9th, so we'll keep working with him. WE think his biggest problem may be about tithing (he heard about it before and wasn't too excited) but a member gave an excellent talk yesterday in church about the blessings of tithing and he was listening intently. We're seeing him tomorrow and reteaching tithing, so I think we'll know more after tomorrow's lesson. He just wants the whole world to meet us missionaries and receive the gospel. He always tells everyone "You need to listen to what they say! It's good stuff! The scriptures are good stuff!" It's so funny.

Elizabeth is a different story. The more we meet with her the weirder she seems. This week she walked into our lesson just fine, but about 20 minutes in, she was suddenly insanely tired so we tried to get up and walk around with her as we taught the lesson. We made it through the first lesson (after four times meeting with her) and just aren't sure how much she's retaining. She's keeping her commitments and coming to church though. We didn't think she was ready to hear about baptism yet earlier, but we think that now is the time to invite her to be baptized. If she isn't wiling to commit, I don't know how much longer we will teach her. She's definitely got an interesting personality.

Grace is still doing alright, though she still doesn't want to commit to coming to church. I think it's because she has no friends there, but the ward is  little hard to convince to come help us teach her because she is very defensive and abrupt and many of them remember her from before. We have a plan to ask members when they're available first and then schedule Grace. She's doing really well in her Book of Mormon reading. I am amazed at how much she understands and reads, and she look forward to reading the new assignment we give her each time we see her.

Friday evening we had a wonderful activity. With the help of the ward members, we were able to show the Joseph Smith movie to the missionaries and their investigators from our stake. Kowloon Zone did something like that in December last year and we brought our 1-week RC Cherry with us and it was a HUGE success. So after prayerfully considering it, we decided to give it a shot out here too. I really think it was a success. Though there was some  miscommunications and things about minor details, all in all it turned out well and I know that everyone's investigators and less actives really enjoyed it. The spirit in the room that night was tangible.

Saturday we had a pretty fun day full of strange little miracles. We were planning out a 2 hour block of consecrated finding and both of us had the prompting to go out to Peng Chau- a $50 trip in travel and something you definitely need all day for. We both felt good about it, so after rearranging some lessons we found a way to get out there and stay the whole day. We literally spent the entire day knocking on doors- something I haven't done very much of on my mission. It was a new and different experience. We met some really nice people, including a man that agreed to let us come back and teach him and his wife together (she wasn't home at the time so we couldn't go in) and even found a guy who said he was looking for religion and found us. It was pretty amazing. We were able to place five copies of the Book of Mormon. What a blessing to have so many people on that little island with a copy of the book that will change their lives!

Funny story about that adventure out there. We stopped a guy (the above, looking-for-religion guy) on the street on the way to visit a less active and we had a nice conversation. Suddenly, he just stopped, looked at me, and said "You must be really nearsighted. Your glasses are really thick." (thats a basic translation from Chinese.)I was like "Um, yeah, my vision is pretty bad." Then he proceeds to look at me and says "Hmm. Oh well. They make you look smart." me: "Thanks." "And you're still pretty, so it's okay." Me: "...... so the Gospel of Jesus Christ..." Haha. So awkward. It's hard being a white person in China! And then after we taught him how to pray, he reached out to shake our hands and then goes to awkwardly side hug Sister Tu'avao, but it turns into an awkward tap on the shoulder. Then he turns and goes to hug me but must have seen the absolute panic on my face ( I mean, I just don't even remember how to react to that, and it's mdak [not able? English is hard]) because it turned into this weird wannabe side hug thing that was just so awkward. Wow. I think I understand why missionaries are so awkward when they come home from their missions!

That same day it was SO HOT and I was so tired that at lunch we sat on a  bench and ate peanut butter jelly sandwiches and I curled up in the corner and fell asleep on my bag and a bag of copies of the Book of Mormon. My legs were crossed and when I woke up both of them were dead asleep from the waist down. So that was fun. And apparently some dog was trying to lick my legs while I was asleep and my companion just watched it happen... but I was out cold, so who knows what really happened. Missionary work just DRAINS you!
It's been a busy week and I am beyond exhausted, but I'm so excited to be able to be serving a mission in Hong Kong. I know that the Lord keeps continually preparing people for us to find every day and it is truly such a miracle when we find them.

We got to bake cookies with the young women this week (they made the cookies for our activity friday) and it was SO FUN. There are only 2 girls in town right now and they're sisters, and they are SO cute. They took over my camera and just filled it with goofy pictures and dang, we had so much fun. I love these girls and their leaders! The young women are awesome and just love helping us out.  I wish I had been more of a help to the missionaries before my mission.

Wow. That's a crazy week. love you all! thanks for the support and prayers and stuff! (:

-Kuk Jimuih

pictures: us and our weirdo ward mission leader, Brother Chu (Crook family just imagine Grandpa Crook's goofiness, but worse, haha) who apparently can't smile normal for a picture.
Me, Sister Tu'avao, and the Lock girls, Menorah and Jennifer baking cookies and looking cartoonified because they insisted. So fun!

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