Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015: Proud to be an American

What a week! Monday evening we were blessed with the privilege of teaching Mr. Chan. He's doing pretty well and even accepted a baptismal date last week, so we're excited to help him prepare for baptism. He said something pretty funny the second time we saw him this week. "I haven't been a member of the church for very long, but I know it will help my life!" We thought it was funny because he hasn't been baptized yet, so he's not technically a member. But he's already a better missionary than half the ward- he knows when there are new people there and is always one of the first to greet them. He loves telling new people how much the gospel will bless their lives. I think it's hilarious. He has a lot of temporal problems, but as they begin to resolve he'll be more and more prepared for baptism.

Met with Elizabeth this week as well. The first time we saw her, she started to sob when we shared Jacob 4:6 about prophets. That night she was just too focused on her problems that we didn't make it far in the lesson, but the second time we saw her this week she was more focused. We really worked on establishing some solid expectations to help her understand our purpose- and us understand hers. We felt so much better after that lesson. Though I think it'll be slow teaching her, she's making good progress.

Grace is doing alright as well. I think she is progressing in every sense, other than the fact that she still has something against coming to church. I'm not really sure what her problem is though. We had an amazing lesson about the Sabbath Day and she understands the doctrine of why we need to keep it and stuff, and when we invited her to keep the Sabbath Day holy she agreed- but as soon as we invited her to come to church with us she got really defensive and said no. She clearly has some kind of underlying problem but we're just not sure what it is... Missionary work is kind of like detective work sometimes- we just need to ask the right questions at the right time to help our investigators figure out their own problems. We'll get there with her. I believe the Lord will bless us in that way.It's just going to be a work in progress.

We met with RC Ding Mei Kwan this week, after she's been on an adventure vacation to Mainland and Tibet (not a clue where that is). She brought back some amazing pictures and wonderful experiences doing service up there. Now we're just getting her ready to get her temple recommend. I think she's doing alright, but it's been a few weeks since she's been to church because of her trip so I think the bishop wants her to wait on her recommend until she's coming to church more regularly. But she'll get there. She wants an eternal family so bad.

We met with our LA Pon Ka Man and we had a really good lesson. We shared with her the Flecks of Gold Mormon Message and talked about how its the little things we do in our lives that help us to build a testimony. She really enjoyed it. She really likes Sister Tu'avao. She opens up really well to her and I'm glad, because since Sister Tu'avao has been here in West Point, Sister Pon has come to church twice! That's a miracle in and of itself.

It was bittersweet to say goodbye to the mission president and his wife that I've come to love and appreciate so much, but it was so great to have time to get to know President and Sister Lam this week and I am looking forward to serving the next few months with them. I can already tell they have amazing things in mind for this mission, and I know the Lord will bless us as a mission continue to grow and to bring more souls unto Christ. Their testimonies and conversion stories are exactly what the part-member families here in Hong Kong need.

Wednesday I broke my chocolate fast by baking chocolate chunk brownies with Andes Mints in them (apparently those are really cheap here). We gave some to our ward mission leader because he's awesome and when we called him that night he was like "How did you know I like brownies? Also what is IN THEM?" I was confused, and then he was like "they're....leung. (cool)." so then I explained that there was mint in them and he freaked out. Apparently mint brownies are his favorite. haha. Gotta love serving the people here!

So the funny stories for this week. For those of you who don't know or missed it, my companion is Tongan. And she is HILARIOUS. Well, as we passed the 4th of July this week, I literally think she was more excited than anyone else. We dressed up in red, white, and blue together and she even said the pledge of allegiance. And throughout the whole day she was like "Did you know it's America's birthday today?!" and then proceeded to sing happy birthday to America like... 10 times. It was so so so funny. I love her! Our roommates made us incredible french toast for breakfast, and then for lunch we had a picnic in the chapel with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (Sister Tu'avao had never tried one so I made her eat one. she loves it.) I'm so grateful to be from such an amazing country and am so blessed for the freedom it offers. Proud to be an American! Woo!!

We went to a members house this week for dinner. We walked in the door and were greeted by a cute wiener dog. I said hi to him and played with him for a second. Then Brother Wong walks in the living room and literally kicks a turtle across the floor. Like, a live turtle. It was about 6 inches in diameter. And then Sister Tu'avao said "WUGWAI!" (Cantonese for turtle) and I see this gigantic turtle just walking across the floor. The thing was literally at least 18 inches in diameter and HUGE for a pet turtle. Just walking around the house like it was nothing. So of course I freaked out and had to take pictures. That was really fun. In case you were wondering, giant turtles are insanely heavy. (Mom, I want a turtle when I come home.)

Also, you know you're in Hong Kong serving a mission when you inspect your glasses and wan cheut (find out) there is mold growing between the frames and lenses in that weird place that you can't clean. Gross. what do you do, though... haha. love the challenges of serving in such a humid place.

Love you all! Hope it's been a good week. Thanks for your prayers! Keep them coming. (: happy 4th!

-Kuk Jimuih

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