Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 23, 2015: Temple Week

It's been a busy week (or I guess like.... 10 days since I reported last) for us in West Point. We have several investigators now and each of them have their own special problems that we've really been struggling to resolve. (or rather help them resolve).

Mr. Chan is doing awesome. He's still on track for baptism on August 9th and he is really excited. We just finished teaching the commandments and have started with lesson five. This week we'll do a practice interview with him and he should be right on track for his baptism. We realized we need to review a little bit about the first and second lessons, but he is doing really well. He has good relationships with the ward members and we're really proud of his progress.

Mr. Fung is recovering from a recent stroke that has led him to believe that maybe there is a God in his life. He still isn't sure. We taught the Plan of Salvation to him last week and he seemed to enjoy it and seemed to understand it, basically. We started to teach the restoration last night though and he was very distracted. We have a goal to give every investigator a baptismal date and so we brought up baptism and talked about it, but every time we said it he just laughed. Then he'd regain his face and say "Oh, sorry, I was just thinking something funny." but then he'd do it again and again. We think he's probably not ready to hear about baptism. At the end, he told us he thinks we're too young to teach him anything. I was so frustrated at that point. Sometimes (like President Lam told me in interviews today) you just want to shake them till they get it! This is their eternal salvation! Its so important! But most of the time they just don't understand that right away... WE'll try and teach him after church with a member that is closer to his age and see if that helps. All I could do in that moment is just bear testimony that yes, I haven't experienced certain things in my life, but I know by experience that the Atonement is real and that we are called of God.

Mr. Kwok is literally an eternigator. He's been investigating for 10+ years. He wants to be baptized but is afraid his 90+ year old mother will be angry at him for not following the typical chinese tradition and worshipping idols. We gave him a baptismal date and invited him to pray about it, which he willingly agreed to do.

Grace is another struggle we're experiencing these days. Our member helped us fellowship one day and seems to think that Grace only wants to see us because we're friends to her and she doesn't have many. We are actually planning to let her go for some time and hope that she'll realize she misses the spirit she feels when she meets with us. It was a hard decision and I feel sad, but we just don't know what else to do to help her since she's so unwilling to come to church.

Elizabeth is another special case (I feel like that's all we're teaching) and yet another that we are considering dropping and letting her have some time. We haven't brought up baptism with her yet though, so we're going to give her one last chance to accept our invitations to act to improve her life. If she agrees we'll keep teaching her. She does have a real desire to learn the gospel, but seems it isn't too high on her priority list.

I am so grateful for the opportunity we had today to go to the temple. Sister Lam reminded me in our interviews today of the true blessings of the temple. I feel like I often take it far too much too granted. We are so blessed to have a temple in our area and I'm so grateful that it serves so many different countries. That is such a miracle. We always meet such cool people in the temple from all over the world.

So this week has been a little wet. The weather has been more bipolar than Utah's weather. One day it's totally sunny and down pouring at the same time. Another day it's cloudy and hot. But mostly it's been rainy. Actually, on the way back to the mission office after lunch today we got stuck in a downpour that literally was flooding the streets of Kowloon Tong. TONS of water was just rushing everywhere. Several inches just flowing down hills and stairs. It's been fun. This week we've had a couple of days of monsoons. I'm not really sure the difference between monsoon, typhoon, and black rain but I'm pretty sure it's just the level of wind. It's been fun and we've been wet for a long, long time.

Last week we learned how to do crazy animal tai-chi for a relief society activity, and then this week we got to learn how to do really basic massage. Wow, was that a brilliant idea or what.

Well, we don't have a ton of time today (interviews ran late and it was temple day) so that's all for today. I love you all! Thanks for the prayers and the support. (:

-Sister Kuk

(About a prompting mom had): Hmm, definitely don't know what to tell you about your promptings, other than I know we just have to follow them. I've seen too many times to count where we get weird promptings to walk somewhere we hadn't planned and it ends up in miracles. That happened this week- we were out finding before a lesson and hd the thought to go walk down the ugly pier. We found a 13 year old girl who is SO prepared to hear the gospel. We're turning her over to the Sham Shui Po sisters since that's where she lives. So cool.

PS. Mom- put that video of the giant bug we found on my blog for all to see. It was DISGUSTING and that video was so funny. All the sisters in the apartment were FREAKING out. I love when Sister Tu'avao says "It's so gwai now!" (gwai- well behaved) so that was just really funny. that was a DISGUSTINGLY huge bug of an unknown source. good times.

Sister T. an Sister Crook
Plan of Salvation: Cantonese style

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