Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015: Different

AS far as finding this week, we had a rough time. With the past few days of crazy rain, people just weren't wanting to stop. But we taught a full lesson in the Welcome Center of a really great lady from Mainland, China who is really prepared to hear the gospel. She's heard all of the bad things about our church from her older sister but she just doesn't seem to care. She said "I don't really care what the people say about the Mormon church. I feel good there, and I think that's what matters." Sometimes it's really hard to be out there 24/7 in the real world, talking with people who have access to the internet, and thus have access to every bad thing that anyone has ever said about our church. This woman's simple testimony reminded me that that's true- it doesn't matter what other people think. If we feel good about it, then it's true. It's all a personal testimony- which is not something other people can change.

We got to see Brother Chan twice! Ah. He is the cutest old man ever. It's a little frustrating because he likes to recount the stories he's already told us like, a bajillion times, but it's fine. He's lonely and doesn't have anyone but his church friends to talk to these days. He's so cute. He really wants his entire family to have the opportunity to hear the gospel. I know without a doubt that if he continues to live the standards that he is living now, his family will accept the gospel someday- even if it's in the spirit world.

Last night our correlator invited us over for dinner. We were talking about people and their problems, and Sister Tu'avao just joked "I have something that can solve your problem- if you just pray and read about the Book of Mormon you'll know _________. (insert concern here)." She said it several times in regards to different peoples' concerns, but it's true. I know without a doubt that our testimonies just go back to the basics- the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and of course most importantly Jesus Christ. If we have a testimony of Jesus Christ, everything else will come in its own due time.

We met with Brother Fung again and the entire lesson was really...just not that good. He consistently laughs at us because he thinks that it's funny that our church sends out 20 year olds to teach about our church. Though I don't really think that's all that weird, I am a little annoyed that he doesn't respect our time. We are very seriously considering dropping him because he wants the whole world to revolve around him and he wants God to change his life, but he isn't doing anything in his life to show God that he wants those changes. It's a little frustrating, because he just has no motivation to change. We're probably going to give him some more time to himself to take care of his problems and figure out if he really wants to change his life or not.

We had a really cool experience in our lesson with one of our RC/LA's, Vicky. She's a recent convert of almost a year but the last few months she's been pretty inactive. It's so sad to see how fast that can happen. We met with her last week and were thinking of watching the Testaments with her to help bring the stories of the Book of Mormon to life. But when we got to our lesson, we found out she'd already  seen it. So we invited her to look through the chapel movie selection and find something  she hasn't seen before and we'll teach a lesson from it. She picked out "The Mountain of the Lord". As we watched the story of the Salt Lake City temple unfold in front of us, we were amazed at how much we didn't know. Of course, we watched the movie in Chinese so I probably only understood 60% of the details, but I knew the outline of the events pretty well. At the end of the movie, all four of us (missionaries, Vicky, and fellowship) sat for a few moments in total silence. The spirit was so strong. None of us even knew what to say. I have never seen that movie before, and neither had anyone else, and it was truly amazing. I was so surprised at how moving it was, despite the fact that I didn't completely understand it. Though it wasn't the lesson we planned, I think Vicky really needed to feel the spirit that was there. I was so grateful for that experience and learned so much about teaching by the spirit.

I think overall its been a really good week. I've definitely learned a lot and I know my summer missionary has as well. It was sad to drop her off at the office this morning, but it was partly a relief. I love her so much and it has been a fun experience, but I'm exhausted. it's all good though- I learned a lot and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to help her learn how to be an obedient missionary. I hope if there's anything she learned, it's obedience. It's such a huge part of my mission and hope others will be able to see that as well.

Also, this week marks 1 year in Hong Kong! I can't believe it. One year ago tomorrow, I landed in Hong Kong. 1 year ago Thursday I met my trainer and went to my first area. It all goes way too fast. I remember thinking the days and weeks were dragging on forever and I just wanted to go home so bad. But now, everything is different. I look different. I feel different. My testimony and attitude is different. My college plans are different. I am a completely different person, and I know it is because I have allowed the Lord to change me. I've served in some different areas and met some different people. But you know what- the gospel is the same. No matter what language you preach and teach in, no matter what race of people you serve- it is the same. I ams o grateful for this experience till now, and am excited to make the next four months count as much as they can because I know it's going to be gone way too fast. Love you all!

-Kuk Jimuih

(note to mom):I seriously cannot tell you how excited I am to come home and help Jaiden prepare for a mission. My preparation was CRAP and I had a pretty hard adjustment once i hit the MtC. if I could even help him prepare a tiny bit better than I did, it'd be worth it. I have so many amazing miracles and stories and cool things and I wish I had time to just tell him all the things that happen in the week.

There is a 50-50 percent chance I'll move this week. I really don't know yet. Because Sister Tu'avao goes home next transfer, it's possible I'll leave and they'll bring in a new missionary to take my place. It's also possible that I'll stay here until I go home (this option is the best and I'm praying for it but it's the Lord's will, not mine...) Sister Killpack lives really close to Monkey Mountain. I really want to go but because of where I live, getting there on a p-day is really hard. It's pretty far- 40 mins on a  train to Sha Tin and then even farther on a bus and then a  hike- which my feet do not exactly enjoy. I want to make sure I get there before I leave Hong Kong though. I'll make it happen sometime.

Well, tell everyone (grandma and grandpa Profaizer) I say hi and that I love them! and give the stinky pet a hug for me. thanks! love ya.

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