Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015: HK Transfers...dun dun dun!

I think moves calls this time came as such a surprise to me. Mostly because literally NOTHING HAPPENED. Haha. Basically, it's almost guaranteed that I'll stay here until I finish my mission because my companion goes home at the end of this transfer in October. Which means unless I move somewhere in the middle of this transfer (which is possible but not likely) I'll be here till December. I was given a bit more responsibility. Sister Tu'avao and I have been assigned to be our zone's sister training leaders, so we're in charge of making sure our sisters are taken care of and we plan zone training meetings and things with the zone leaders. It's a privilege to be called to serve in a leadership position. I certainly wasn't expecting it.

I feel like last transfer went by way too fast, and I certainly wasn't expecting to be able to stay in my area, let alone be a sister training leader. I'll be completely honest with everyone, at first I wasn't sure I could do it. I mean, I know that the calling came from the Lord, but I was definitely a little afraid that I wasn't going to be able to handle it. After a few days of processing, lots of prayers, and a few planning sessions with the zone leaders I feel a lot more comfortable with my calling. I know that I have a lot to learn and I am grateful for this opportunity to learn how to be a better, more humble leader. I already know I have a lot to learn and have already learned so much, so I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve and will continue to pray that the Lord will give me the strength and skills needed to fulfill my calling to the best of my ability.

We had a miracle this week! When I first got to West Point (in May) we were given the information of an older less active woman who had just moved back from Canada. We tried so many times to call her and tried to visit her house, but it was no use. No one ever answered the phone and no one was ever home. After a while, we just tried to call every once in a while, still with no success. Well, Tuesday afternoon I was pretty sick with some kind of stomach bug and really just didn't feel like doing much. After trying to eat a tiny dinner we went to the chapel to wait for a lesson. We were a little early so I just laid down on the floor and prayed that I could be feeling better by the time she came. She never did show up- but bless my companion's heart she just did phone calls while I just laid on the floor. For whatever reason, she called Sister Chan (this lost sheep less active we've been trying to find) and a) she answered! and b) she scheduled us! Had I not been sick at that very moment, we probably wouldn't have called her and probably wouldn't have scheduled her.

Turns out, this less active woman has a non-member daughter, son, and a husband! She lives with the daughter and husband and lo and behold- they're willing to let us visit them in their home! Together! WE've been really struggling to teach part member families- even though we really want to. We have such a miracle in our hands. We are going to see her tomorrow and then schedule a time we can visit her and her husband together. I've talked with him several times on the phone and he is so so so nice. It's so hard to find part member families in which the family members are willing to listen to the missionaries. What miracles and blessings!

Brother Chan (our RC) is still doing awesome. He came to both sessions of stake conference and seemed to enjoy it. He just loves the gospel. He even called us yesterday and asked us to bring more flyers to our next lesson, because he's already given out the stack that we gave him the first time. The man is the best missionary I've ever seen! I'm so excited to help him get to the temple and start doing family history work. I know that is yet another wonderful way he can learn to be a missionary.

We finally got ahold of Kacey Chan (LA) and read scriptures with her. I think she's doing okay, but there's clearly something that holds her back from coming to church. She always promises that she'll come but then she never does. We really need to figure out what is keeping her from coming back. The ward council suspects it's because she doesn't feel like she has any friends. But we just found out a recently returned sister fellowshipped her when she was an investigator, so we are going to try to see if that helps her at all.

We had two amazing new investigator miracles this week. The first is Ivy. She's actually a former from about a year ago and her record says absolutely nothing as to why the missionaries stopped contact. We suspect she got forgotten as missionaries moved and went home and stuff, but we're not sure. She was so nice and is willing to continue to meet with us. I'm so excited. She's a 19 year old girl who really has some amazing hopes and dreams for her life, and I know without a doubt that God can help her achieve them.

The second came after a long, long hot day of finding. Sister Tu'avao and I were pretty discouraged after about 4.5 hours of finding with literally no success. We met nice people but none of them stayed around long enough to talk about gospel principles. We finally decided to take a few minutes to sit down, eat ice cream, and then restart our finding. As we were eating our ice cream, the Mandarin elders called and asked if we were in the area, because they found a Cantonese speaking man who had a ton of interest. We hurried to finish and went out to meet them. His name is Kelvin. We gave him a tour of the chapel and found out that he's already downloaded basically every app our church has to offer. He's already looked at the church websites and everything. WOW. He already downloaded the Book of Mormon and had started to read it a little. We're seeing him again tomorrow and are so excited. He truly has been prepared!

Stake conference this week was amazing. Though I obviously didn't understand 100% of the things that were said, the messages the spirit taught me were strong. Each and every one of us, no matter whether we're missionaries, members, or whatever definitely needs to make a renewed commitment to be at church early and to really try to get the most out of sacrament meeting. Especially as we've been preparing a sharing for zone meeting on keeping our covenants, it just really hit me how important our baptismal covenants are and how we really need to be better at showing the Lord our commitment to keep them.

Thanks for all your support! love you all! (:

-Sister Kuk

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