Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

This week was pretty good. Actually, it was amazing. General Conference is always so wonderful and uplifting. I cannot even start to tell you how much I learned at conference. I walked in with some questions, a few particularly specific to my own personal life. I received so many answers as well- some specific, some more general. But all in all I wish we had twelve million more days to watch conference! After listening to three conferences on my mission, I've realized something. I seriously, seriously took it all for granted before. I have a new goal to be more focused at home in everything I do- reading scriptures, praying, family home evening, and of course General Conference. It was amazing to see the church's support in sustaining three new apostles- two of which just visited us here in the Hong Kong mission just a few short months ago. So amazing. We are so blessed. I love the leaders of the church and am so grateful for their inspired counsel.

This week we had a wonderful lesson with Joe (LA). He has a desire to come to church but just can't seem to pull himself out of bed. His home teacher helped us teach our lesson on being more self reliant and more dedicated. We read the talk "Your 4 minutes" from a few conferences ago and shared some personal goals on how we all wanted to improve. The spirit really led our discussion and I think it helped Joe have a little more focus in his life.

We saw Kacey as well this week. We finished watching The Mountain of the Lord with her and she loved it. She really felt the spirit. We just still can't figure out why if everything else in her life is in order, what is keeping her from coming to church. I think it's just going to take more time and patience. We'll just keep loving her.

Chan Suet Ping (our 80+ year old LA) is doing alright. We still haven't gotten the ward support we need with sisters visiting her. As much as we'd love to just come and chat with her (which is what she wants and needs) we just can't do that all the time. We need the support of the relief society and it just hasn't happened yet. It doesn't help that due to conference we haven't had correlation this week... It'll be okay though. Our ward is amazing and they're already doing so much for us.

We did some LA finding this week as well and though we weren't able to teach any lessons, we were able to confirm that almost all the visited ge LA's still live at their address. We also taught two of our investigators that we dropped from before just to check up on how they're doing. Elizabeth is still...jsut as weird as ever but doing alright. She has a pretty strong testimony of prayer and knows that it will help her. Grace is still the same as well. She finally found a job that she loves, but just forgets to rely on the Savior. We haven't decided if we will try to continue to teach them or not yet.

Sumi is still doing alright as well. Her mom signed the permission slip for us to teach her- with one problem. Sumi said that she herself wants to sign it. I think she thinks it's just for baptism, which it isn't. She wants to be baptized and knows how important of a decision it is. She knows that  baptism means a change of her lifestyle and she's just figuring out how to do that. I'm really proud of her. For being 13 years old, she is really, really mature and knows the consequences of the decisions she makes.

I think overall this week has been really good. Though we didn't teach a ton of lessons because we were busy with trainings and conference, I feel like we had good success. Conference obviously was amazing and made me so happy. I'm so grateful for the testimonies of living prophets and for the opportunity to be able to serve in Hong Kong.

The biggest miracle is the DROP IN TEMPERATURE. It literally went from 32 degrees C (around 90 F) to 20 degrees C (68 F) in 24 hours. HUGE drop. We were all freezing. I'm literally standing in the apple store in a sweater and tights because it's a bit nippy outside compared to what it was earlier. So crazy how that works. It won't last though, should warm up by next week. But it's been great!

Also, curled my hair for conference... took pictures (one is "e're SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE" and one is just us while we look good) while it lasted (rained on us so it died... but dang, it looked good while it looked good! I felt like an American missionary for once! Haha.) Love you all! thanks for the support (:

-Kuk Jimuih

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