Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015: The yihm seh

*Mom's note: Sister Crook's homecoming will be either December 27 or January 10th at 1:00 p.m.  Our ward has three missionaries returning the same week so we will take whatever date we are assigned.  Mark your calendar, we'd love to have anyone and everyone come!

This week has been a little bit less busy due to planning for Mission Leadership Council and zone training meeting, but I still feel good about it. I have to say that I am so grateful for the rain the Lord has blessed us with. It makes being outside a lot less miserable! Love it.

Monday evening we had a really great activity with our ward. It was a family home evening held with special permission at the church especially for our less active members. One LA that hasn't come to church in ages (Vicky, also an RC) came. She told us she almost didn't come because she figured FHE is just a bunch of reading scriptures. But she showed up and we ate food and played games and shared a simple spiritual message and really seemed to enjoy it. She told us her original idea of FHE was wrong and was pretty happy that she came.

Lee Wing Yan (RC/LA) is also doing alright. We read the story of the tree of life with her and she really applied it to herself. I think her understanding of the scriptures is actually pretty good, and she really takes in what she reads and applies it to herself, which is a really good quality that a lot of the RC's and LA's that we teach just don't get. She still hasn't come to church since I've been in West Point though, which is really sad. She always tells us she'll come and then never does show up. We're not really sure what's keeping her from coming to church.

We saw Kenson (LA) again this week for the last time before he goes to America. The ward is really worried about him going back, because they know he'll just go back to his church he was in before he came back to Hong Kong. He openly admitted that when he goes back to California, he's going to hang out with his old church friends. It's really sad to see that his testimony about the restored gospel just isn't there anymore. We'll keep praying for him and hope that he makes it to and from safely, and hopefully in December we can start teaching him again.

We saw Vicky (RC/LA) this week and finished watching the Joseph Smith movie with her. She was really touched and it really opened up her eyes to how much he suffered for the restoration of the gospel. We really bore testimony that if we don't keep our commitments, then his suffering is in vain. She seemed to get that pretty well. She even came to church! 12, after the meeting ended. BUT. That is huge progress to her not coming at all! We're going to keep working with her to get her into a better habit of coming earlier and earlier.

We saw Sister Chu (LA) and her two less active kids this week. She's doing alright- they're all reading and praying on their own. But she still hasn't come to church and though she says that it's because her husband gets mad at her in the mornings, we think it's partly her desire as well. We're really working with the ward for next week to be able to have an activity with her and some relief society members to really talk about the role of motherhood. We also plan to teach her kids by themselves too and talk about the role of a son and daughter in the family. We really want to help them have that love and unity that should be in a family, and I think it can happen if they all do their part. The only problem is, I don't think they know what "their part" is. So we'll get there. She's making progress, but I think it'll be some time before she will  be fully active again.

We FINALLY saw Pon Ka Man (LA) this week. I think the only thing holding her back from being reactivated is the fact that she doesn't really want to accept a calling. She's come to church almost every week for the last two months and we hope to keep her that way. She has plenty of friends in the ward as well, which is also good.

We started teaching our member's son Daniel this week the missionary lessons. He is turning 8 in December. It's been good practice for us to teach little children- it really makes you focus on speaking and teaching clearly and simply. I loved it! We also did some less active finding this week and actually had success! We plan to go back and visit that sister again when she's actually home (her mom answered the door) and let her know we are here for her.

Zone Training this week went really well. We did some fun activities (raced to see whose district could dress their district leader up like a mummy using toilet paper the fastest) to break the ice and do our numbers, and then everyone was really willing to participate in our discussions. I think between last month and this month's zone training meetings, we've learned how to balance the trainings out so that the zone gets the best of it. I am really excited about starting to plan for next month in the coming weeks, because we had a really good training and hope that we can continue to build off of it.

I had some really good studies this week in personal study and am just loving being a missionary. The closer it comes for my companion to go home the more I realize that my time here is also short. I'm doing my best just to keep focused and loving the people here. That's the most important part. On a sadder note, the more time I spend in Hong Kong the more I realize that my English is getting really, really bad. But that's okay. I'm not too worried about it these days.

HAHA so the yihm seh. that's chinese for GECKO. Sister Escher (roommate) is absolutely 100% TERRIFIED of them. So we came home after a long day tuesday night to eat dinner and she just SCREAMS. Lo and behold there is this lovely, 4-5 inch long gecko just chilling on the ceiling. So she just stands there panicking and me, my comp, and her comp just did our best to catch it. But then it fell off the ceiling and onto sister Tu'avao's bed, which sent Sister Escher into even more of a panic. So what did we do? Shove her into our office. literally. Sister Adams was like "nobody wants to talk to you." shoves her into my office. So she was just siting on my desk in a ball freaking out. Well, after probably 15 minutes of chasing the stupid thing around our apartment, it disappeared and we couldn't find it anywhere......... so we lied (ssssh!) and told Sister Escher we found it just so she would stop freaking out. literally the funniest thing ever. And then another one appeared last night but disappeared under the other sisters' fridge..... yeah, didn't tell her about that one either. so funny. gotta love a gecko infested apartment. poor things are just trying to get out of the rain!

Love you all. thanks for the support! you're all great.

-Kuk Jimuih

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