Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015: The Drop

This week has been pretty interesting. Its always interesting to serve with a missionary that is going home soon. We've been able to see some cool miracles because of it.

last Monday night we went out less active finding. After successfully contacting one sister who hasn't been to church in years, we hit the streets to do some finding. We met a nice mom and I just have this feeling that someday she'll be baptized. She had two cute little girls and was so interested in coming to church. Though we haven't been able to contact her yet, I know that she'll become a new investigator soon. I just had this impression that someday, she will accept the gospel.

Tuesday we had a pretty good day. We were fasting for our ward's 40 day fast that our relief society president was super excited about before she left on vacation a few weeks ago. We went to district meeting where we always learn so much, and then came home and worked on cleaning up our records. We are hoping that someday we'll get elders back in our area, so we figured we may as well take the time to update the records since both of our area and member books needed some work. Then we went to ward council, where the ward proceeded to say... "Just kidding. don't start the 40 day fast yet. the members aren't on board yet." Well, oh well. we get the blessings then! I really have a testimony of the power of fasting, so it's totally fine. We definitely didn't fast for no reason.

We did the Welcome Center on Wednesday and though it was one of those days where it just seemed like nobody wanted to come in I still feel good about it. We still did our best to invite people to come in and look. I think the Welcome Center has taught me quite a few things about patience with other peoples' agency. I really wish I could act upon them and just make them come in and feel the spirit sometimes. But that's not how it's supposed to be. It ends up meaning so much more if they come take a look just because they want to rather than because someone is forcing them.

Thursday was a pretty good day. We got a good chunk of our weekly planning done before going on zone 24s. I went to Pok Fu Lam again with Sister Escher this time. After doing Welcome Center (another rough shift) we came home and made some potential calls. I think it's so good that they set time aside to do that for English class, and I think that is something that I want to set time aside for for our own English class as well. I think it could be really beneficial for helping get our English class more stable. then Friday morning Sister Escher and I went to teach a turnover lesson in Wan Chai which also went really well. The woman was very nice and I was glad that we could help her answer her questions.

Friday evening we exchanged back and went to English class, where we taught Sumi. She was really antsy and wanted to jump around like crazy. I guess sometimes we just forget that she's just a 13 year old kid... We really tried to explain that we need the permission slip back from her or we can't keep seeing her and I think she's just scared that we will force her into being baptized, which is totally not what our purpose is. BUT. We invited her to come to church this week and she CAME! What a miracle. I don't know if it is just because it was Sister Tu'avao's last Sunday or if it was because she wanted to come, but I'm glad she came. She didn't seem to enjoy the young women much... I think they just didn't know what to do with an investigator. We want to have an activity with them where we can help them get to know her better without such a formal setting. I think that would be best. She is keeping her commitments and though she's progressing slowly, she is making progress.

Saturday was a really cool experience. We did some more planning before going to do Welcome Center again. When we left, Sister Tu'avao wasn't feeling very well (which, sadly, is pretty normal). We started the Welcome Center and pretty soon we had to run in to the bathroom. Before we knew it, the poor thing was throwing up every five-ten minutes. I felt so bad for her, but I really just didn't know what to do. it's not like I could leave her to go to buy her some crackers and sprite or anything. So I said a silent prayer in my heart that I would know what to do to help her. I had the impression to ask some elders to give her a blessing. So when she came out of the bathroom again, I mentioned that that was an option. She said "ohhh, yeah!" So the next time I saw some elders come into the Wan Chai Chapel I asked them if they'd be willing to give her a blessing.

The blessing was the cool part. As we sat in the room, she was given a blessing in which she was told that because she had duties to do, she would be healed and be able to finish the day's work. Though it wasn't immediate, she started to feel better pretty quickly. I think the coolest part though, was the fact that it seemed as if those two elders had never given a priesthood blessing before- which is quite possible. They both were a little nervous. But the second one started to speak, the spirit immediately filled the room. It was amazing. I just think it is so cool that no matter who gives the blessing, as long as they have the priesthood power of God, miracles can happen. So cool.

Saturday night's testimony meeting was amazing! I was touched by the spirit of those missionaries and I think that others were as well. I really hope that you continue to do that. I think it would be really good, especially for those missionaries that are struggling with their testimonies or having a hard time. i really really enjoyed it.

love you all so much! Keep me in your prayers as I hit up my last transfer as a missionary! so crazy. (:

-Kuk Jimuih

Photos: Monkey Mountain and the new companion, Sister Nettles

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