Monday, June 16, 2014

Farewell and Last Minute Activities

Sunday was the farewell of Sister Crook.  As a parent I have never been so proud.  She was truly amazing and the spirit was so strong.  She did such a great job.  We had SO SO SO many friends and family there to support her and our family.  We are all feeling so loved and blessed.

The past few days we have tried to do many fun activities as we prepare to send BriAnna off this week. 

 Friday the girls all went for pedicures
 Cute fun toes!  Cupcakes belong to Tessa (it's her birthday this week), Makynlee wanted the Nemo toes, BriAnna has some fun light pink and blue flowers, and mom wanted her favorite teal color with yellow flowers.
We have taken the task of decorating a bit seriously.  We are decorating in an Asian theme complete with chinese lanterns and origami cranes (yes we spent an entire week folding 150+ cranes).

Saturday we took the family to Provo Canyon to zipline.  It was a chilly day but we had a great time.  We picked Jaiden up on our way and he got to stay with us until Monday morning.  What a great bunch of smiles!
 BriAnna says goodbye to her two favorite roommates.  These girls have made her freshman year at Snow so fun.
 Today has been packing day!  I think we made it all fit and except for last minute toiletries, she is ready to go!  I think we even have about 15 pounds to spare!
 Tonight the girls went swimming one last time together.  It was a short outing but still fun.  Sweet sisters!
Tomorrow will be our last day together for 18 months.  Daryl, BriAnna, and mom will go to the temple together in the morning and then we will pick up Jaiden tomorrow evening.  We will enjoy dinner at our favorite family restaurant and then we will be off to get her set up apart.  After that we will be doing a very special family activity that will have to remain a secret for one more day.

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