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Leih hou, gantehng and...friends? Sorry, don't know that one yet! but hello, family and friends! Ngoh ngoi leih! I love you! this week has literally been the most incredible week of my life and it's only getting better! I'll try to do a quick rundown of what happened. I don't have a lot of time now, but I'll have about another 45 minutes later this afternoon (3:30ish) to email again and send you pictures.

Wednesday was crazy. After I got whisked away from the fam, I got dumped in a room, had enough time to grab my scriptures, and then got thrown into class. My teacher literally DID NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. LIke, I've heard that's a thing. really. but wow. didn't expect that. so she was trying to tell me to do orientation on the computer (just about schedules and stuff) and I was so lost and confused...thank goodness for the elder next to me.

So my cute companion Chan Ji Muih (Sister chan) was a native speaker, so by friday evening we had a transfer call and she got moved to another branch... Now I'm in a trio with Loh Jimuih and Kiu Jimuih (Sisters Robinson and Killpack) and they're great. I love them to death.

The spirit is SO STRONG here. it's amazing. I haven't ever been really emotional about things spirit-wise, until this week. I swear from the second I got set apart to this very moment, I've hardly had a dry eye...and it's not because I'm sad at all! I am just SO EXCITED to go serve the people of Hong Kong. I've actually already taught two lessons in Cantonese to an investigator!

So Cantonese is not what i expected it to be... It doesn't really sound like Chinese anymore, and I'm not sure if it's because it's just different, or if it's because I'm familiar with it now...but wow, it is beautiful. I can't wait to call home for Christmas so I can speak to you guys! It is a gorgeous language and I am actually really enjoying it, despite how hard it is.

so the cream soda tree. it's a real thing. A couple elders from our zone were telling us about a tree that smelled like cream soda. I totally didn't believe them, until I smelled it. and then I did. No joke, this one tree on campus here smells like cream soda. it really is the weirdest thing.

So a sister in my district, Sister Anderson, is the most sarcastic, hilarius person I've met here so far and I freaking love here, if that's okay to say here...hahaha. When I asked whether or not we should turn out the light behind us as we left a room, she said "Yes of course. It's not just souls we save here." The other day she was talking at dinner about taking jello to space just to see what it does... I guess you'd have to  be here to understsand her humor, but I'm seriuosly dying. It is SO FUNNY. she just says these things with this straight face... it's fantastic.

OH MY GOSH yesterday we had the most incredible devotional. Janice Kapp Perry came and spoke to us. she told us the story of how she and her husband met (he spoke too!) and it was adorable. they were in a pedagogy class together and she was about ready to get up to play her clarinet for the final, when he tapped her shoulder and said "Those lips were made for something much better than playing the clarinet." So of course we all start laughing. Then brother Perry totally walked up and kissed her, right on stage. We were all in tears, it was so funny. Old people....dang they're great. love them. I have never felt the spirit so strong in my whole life. There was not a dry eye as we all sang her music together as a couple thousand missionaries... just wow.

Well, I'll email some more later so if you have your questions ask them now. Also, LOVE the letter, mom. even the awful song. keep sending those, cuz we just love mail time at night! It's like the best time of the day, for reals.

Love you all and hope your week was as awesome as mine!

Ngoh hai chyuhngaausih. Ngoh yauh seunsam. Ngoh jidou ngoh yauh Tin Fuh. Sahn haih leih chihngoi Tin Fuh. Ngoh ngoi ge gauwui!

-Kuk Jimuih

PS. Fun fact. my chinese name means literally "a piece of music"....pretty cool.

 District picture:
Elder Merril, Elder Anderson, Sisters Killpack, Robinson, Me, Chan, Cochran, Anderson, Hadley, Nuttall
and then there's Elder Klein. So basically he's from England and tore his ACL in the last few weeks so he had surgery and is waiting for the OK to go to HK.
 Me and Sis Anderson (so funny...haha) by Macau flag
 Robinson, Cochran, Anderson, Nuttall, Me, Sis Killpack
 ZONE. okay so top to bottom left to right is...
Sis Cochran, Chan, me, Robinson, Killpack (kinda in front) Brown, Cox, Dunbar, Cotton, Hansen, Poulson
Elder Merril, Klein (from England! leftover from the last HK group) Li, and Black is on the end
Elder ANderson (my DL) some guy not in our zone (don't ask...) guy in white I can't remember, then Elder Copley reading scriptures, and then Elder Moody laying on the ground

 First companion: Sister Chan
 Meeting up with BFF Sister Bills!
 "Where's the map?"  Going to the edge of the earth apparently
 All the Canontese pamphlets to learn
SO MUCH learning material!
Cool photography just for mom
More cool photos just for mom

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