Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014: Handwritten Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

Thank you so much for your letter, well DearElder, I guess.  I really love getting those.  They're more personal because I can hang them up and reread them when I start missing home.

Things here are going pretty well.  Seeing (hearing about, I guess) Jaiden set back again makes me sad.  I pray for him and the rest of you daily but sometimes I feel like my prayers aren't heard because things only get worse.  I know that's silly to think because I know hears all our prayers - the answer is just not right for the moment.

So far I've taught 4 lessons and as you probably read in my email, one really did not go well.  It's hard to teach a lesson in Cantonese when you don't even know how to teach one in English.  We have two new investigators this week so that will be a nice fresh start to recollect our thoughts and try again.

I love you so much.  Thanks for supporting me while I am here.  I know it's a financial sacrifice and I know there are probably better things for you to do with that money but I also know the Lord needs me out here.  I haven't figured out why  yet but I know I need to here.  I love this gospel so much.

Ngoh ngoi leih!  I love you!

Kuk Jimuih

P.S. There is a place on main street by Nielson's custard that does same-day shipping to the MTC.  I would greatly appreciate some raspberries :)  If I won't die if I eat day old fruit that is.

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