Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014: Handwritten Letter to Mom

Dear Mom,

I'm glad you finally decided to get the mail.  You'll be getting a lot of letters from me in the next few weeks since I have so much to say but hardly any time to email.  It's usually just a few minutes here and there.

I am way bummed that Jaiden got set back again.  I just wish he could understand that he's not just hurting himself when he does that.  I'm hurt by it, and I'm not even around.  I do agree that it's better that it happens now than later.  I hope he knows that I'm out here for him.  It's people like him who maybe have heard the gospel but probably don't understand the fullness of Christ's atonement.  Our purpose is to bring people to Christ. If I could bring him to a better understanding of Christ's infinite love for him, I would consider my mission a success.

I wish I could say the language is as easy as I made it look.  The words aren't hard, and the tones aren't too hard either...but the sentence structure kills me.  Everything is all messed up.  The order is subject, time, place, verb, object.  So basically it looks like:  You tomorrow home read scriptures.  There are not "it, and, but, or," or anything like that.  It's totally bizarre.  Though I can usually understand our teacher, it's hard to speak and think your sentences in an order that Chinese people will understand.

I am grateful my testimony is reaching many people.

Kuk Jimuih

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