Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014: General Conference

Whoa. So this week I have a ton of stuff to do, but I'd like to send out a short little blip about Conference (the BOMB- So good!) and a thing about all of my investigators right now.

So conference in China is different because we have to wait a week for it to be translated into Chinese (and since we're a day ahead). We went to Kowloon Tong (where the temple is) on Saturday and listened in English... until Elder Wong's talk. Whoa. K, so if you have a chance, go listen to his talk in Cantonese. SO powerful. All the missionaries in the English broadcast ran downstairs to the Chinese broadcast as fast as we could to listen to his talk. What a miracle that these general authorities now get to share their testimonies in their native tongues. All of the translated talks were amazing and I am so glad they have that opportunity. (But the Cantonese one was the best....not biased at all.) Cherry came to the Saturday afternoon session and Trisha came to the women's Relief Society session! Sunday we went to Ho Man Tin and in between sessions the ward fed us. Our ward is so wonderful and I seriously would do anything for them. They're incredible. All the talks in conference was amazing and they answered so many questions for me about the wonderful people I'm teaching.

So last P-Day I went to Kwai Fong to the dirty mall... dirty, for dirty cheap. I bought these cool socks.  I found some piano socks, some zebra socks, and some dog socks. For anyone who knows me, they will know that I am totally obsessed with crazy socks and was SO excited to find those. Crazy socks are a thing here... so I fit right in! Woo! We also ate pizza. Sad thing is, because we haven't eaten greasy food in a long long time, I got super sick to my stomach. Once upon a time I'd do anything for pizza, but now I'm just afraid I'll get sick again... so no more pizza for Kuk Jimuih. No worries though! Vegetables are way better for you anyways. Also, eggplant is now my favorite. Good stuff.

Cammy- A couple weeks ago Sister Lubeck and her companion (on exchanges) found Cammy on the street. She is amazing. She's already come to church twice. She has two little kids and a scheduled baptismal date for November 30th. She's progressing really well and her kids come with her to hear the lessons. She's super quiet but so so nice and her kids are just the cutest things ever- Natalie is 6 and Ivan is 5.

Trisha- Penny (member)'s little sister. Doesn't have much interest in the church but loves loves loves the missionaries. She's 16 and is super cute. She's in her last year of high school and is working her tail off to get into college. We've taught her a couple times, kinda, but we're hoping someday the Lord will soften her heart. She doesn't have a problem with church- just doesn't think it's for her.

Janda- Janda. Love this lady. (See picture) She's from Sri Lanka but married a Chinese man 20+ years ago. She's progressing slowly. She's struggling knowing that God is real. She still hasn't had the opportunity to come to church on Sundays which is pretty sad, but we're praying for her. She's thinking about changing jobs, which would give her the opportunity to come to church. We know if she makes that decision the Lord will bless her. Her baptismal date is November 23rd.

Cherry- Cherry met sisters in June on the street but only gave them her email address. A couple weeks ago, she submitted her name on saying she wanted to know more. I called her up and scheduled her and she's amazing. She has SO many questions about everything. We've taught her the Restoration and fasting (she came to church on fast Sunday and wondered what it was). She came to two sessions of General Conference! Her baptismal date is November 30th.

Sister Gwok- We met Sister Ding on the street a month or so ago and when we rescheduled to meet her, she brought Sister Gwok with her! Sister Ding's husband won't let her hear the missionary lessons anymore, but Sister Gwok is so prepared. She'll do just about anything if she knows it will bless her family. She's such a good mom and we've taught her twice. She's pretty busy because she has a little baby, but we're working with her. Her baptismal date is scheduled for December 14th.

Sister and Brother Gai- Sister Gai is so cute. She talks about a million miles a minute and has a Daaihluhk (Mainland China) accent that makes her even harder to understand, but she's so sweet. She's insanely busy and spends a ton of time in Mainland, but that's okay. We're working to reschedule her baptismal date for December 7th.

Kelly- Kelly had a baptismal date in October but doesn't feel like she's ready. She's still reading and praying and we're still meeting with her, but she doesn't feel like she has a testimony yet and is struggling to feel that God is answering her prayers. We're goign to just keep working with her.

All of these people are wonderful and I just love them dearly. I would do anything for these investigators. I love them with all my heart and pray for them night and day and all the time in between.

Hope you all had a wonderful week! Today we got to go eat some Thai food... mmmmmm. Good stuff. (Look Mom! I can use chopsticks!!) love you all! have a wonderful week!

Kuk Jimuih

P.S. We get to decorate our planners... this month's zone theme is "My Hero". we had to pick a hero and decide on their attributes that we want to develop. Jaiden is my hero because of everything he's been through. Show him this picture- going on the back of my new planner. he'll get a letter more about it next week or so.
The back of the planner (makes the momma's heart SING!)
Chopstick proficiency

Crazy happy socks


 Our missionary looks so happy!

 Sister Lubeck likes crazy selfies

 These girls are NOT starving!
 Chopstick mastery
A-kay, A-kay's older brother, and Sam Gwok

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