Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Monday was pretty fun. I got the opportunity to go to Sham Shui Po and go shopping with my companion, and we tried Pakistan food. Mmm. Holy goodness inside deep fried bread. It was an adventure, AND I found the Thai pants I've been looking for... $39 HK, which means like... $6 American dollars. YES! so happy. I love how cheap things are here. Taught my first family on the street too- a lady named Maria and her husband. also met Miss Lee, who we rescheduled. Monday miracle- we did LA (less active) finding Sunday night and just left a sticky note on a sister's door that said "Hey, sorry we missed you but we just wanted to check in and see how you are" and left our phone number. She called us Monday and asked to meet with us. Whhhatt??! Tsing Yi is awesome because our less active members actually sometimes want to meet with us.

Tuesday we taught Miss Lee at the church. We were afraid she wouldn't show up because she didn't give us her phone number so we could call her... so it was all based on her word when she said she'd be there. But sure enough, she turned up right on time and we taught her about God. What a blessing! Tuesday was also transfer calls day... dun dun dun. Not really. Our district literally didn't change except one sister went home since her time is done. It was sad to see her go, but I was definitely grateful for this transfer I get to stay in Tsing Yi. Elders in the picture are Elders Hartwig, Arenas, Koochin, and Goronson. Sisters Tu'Avao, Yong, Tidwell, Crook, and Lubeck.

Wednesday we had the opportunity to teach Cammy (and her insanely wild children... I swear they get worse every day) and Cherry. Both are progressing (slowly, but progressing) and I'm excited to work towards their baptismal dates next month.

Thursday, Sister Tidwell left for the Meihgwok (America). I hope she's doing alright and adjusting well. It's been weird to see people leave and can't believe I've already been here for a transfer... Met with Sister Tsang, the less active. She was incredibly awkward, but oh well. We're meeting her again tonight.

Friday was super fun. Thursday we got a new batch of chyungaausih (missionaries) and since my companion is the sister training leader, I get to do splits with the other STL's comp, and she happens to be green! yay. Someone more green than me! (: We did splits while our comps were in a meeting and did finding in Kwai Fong. It was super cool because neither of us can speak squat to people, so it was really a test of faith and patience. Sister Cook is a wonderful missionary and she'll do great. I'll see her again longer tomorrow, so I'll get some pictures. She's awesome. We got a girl's phone number and the Kwai Fong sisters have already rescheduled her- what a miracle.

Saturday we tried something new- morning finding! There were seriously soooo many families out! it was insane. We taught one that we may see tomorrow, and taught a few other people. It was really pretty cool and I was grateful for the opportunity. We did some LA finding and met Sister Leung- turns out she's legitly the most awesome person I've ever met. She swam on China's national team in the 1980's and now teaches and coaches like... amazing, incredible swimmers over here. Whoa. She's got medals and trophies and someone wrote a book about her. Way cool. She's too busy to come to church, and it was heartbreaking to see that she's put her career above her family (who doesn't live with her... too inconvenient) and church and God, but hopefully we can work with her and help her see how much god loves her and wants her to come back to church.

Sunday. Dang I love Sundays! We went to church and Kelly came too! Yay. Also said she's talked to her parents and she said she thinks they'll give her permission to be baptized in December. We are so excited!! She and A-Ting (our recent convert) taught us the plan of salvation and they wore our tags and everything and it was really cute.  Then we visited Sister Chiu, a less active who's in her twenties. She's really busy so it was a miracle that we had the opportunity to see her. Also, a member gave us a referral a week ago and we haven't been able to contact her since the number was temporarily out of use... but we got a hold of her last night and might see her today. Woo!

I love China. It's FINALLY starting to cool off (still had some nasty hot days this week) so maybe the weather will be beaerable in November. I can't get over how October is almost gone... seems like it just started. Time flies. Love you all! Ga yauh!

Sister Crook

 More homemade pretzels.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.
 Pakistan food
 Except for looking a little like a drowned rat, Sister Crook looks amazing!
 Elders in the picture are Elders Hartwig, Arenas, Koochin, and Goronson. Sisters Tu'Avao, Yong, Tidwell, Crook, and Lubeck.
 Steamed bun yumminess

 $6 Thai pants
 Oh PS:  That email from president Gwok (mission presidency) is about last Saturday. He ran into us at the church as we were getting ready for a lesson. We talked for a few, said hi and bye, and then went to leave to buy some food to bring to a LA's house for lunch. She called and cancelled last minute so we decided to hit up the mall for lunch and President Gwok ran into us again and offered to take us to lunch with his son who is an RM too. it was really fun to talk to them and the food was so good- Udon noodles in tomato soup. mmm. so good. so yep, I'm super rgrateful for people here who love the missonaries! (:

Email from President Gwok to Sister Crook which also included the photo above:

Dear Sister Crook,

 Sorry for being later sending this picture to you.  You and Sister Lubeck are wonderful missionaries.  When we saw the two of you are the mall, we felt like we have met two angels from Heaven.  Thank you for letting us take you to lunch.  It was a great experience for us!

 If there is anything we can do for you and your investigators, please feel free to let us know!


Kam Tim Kwok

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