Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 20, 2014: Gung Gung

This week was pretty uneventful. Most of our investigators were busy, so we didn't teach a lot of lessons. We did teach one really special lesson though.

About a month ago (3 weeks maybe) we met Tammy on the street. She was really nice and we honestly weren't really going to talk to her since we were on the way back home, but we did. Anyways, her dad had been in the hospital for a heart problem for a little bit by then and we couldn't reschedule her because she was always busy. Anyway, we were calling potentials one night and I just had the thought to have my companion call her. We ended up scheduling to meet her in Jordan and go with her to visit her dad. So everybody here calls old ladies pohpo, meaning grandma on your mom's side. Gung Gung is grandpa. So we got the chance to hang out with this cute old man for a little over an hour. He was the sweetest thing, and though he couldn't hear much, we taught the Plan of Salvation. He kept saying over and over that his favorite part was the "lihng dik saigai" meaning spirit world, since we taught him that he could be with his deceased wife again, and that's where she is right now. He was so cute. We don't know how much he'll retain, but he loved it. He mimicked the picture on the front of the pamphlet of Jesus coming out of the tomb and it was just adorable. So cute. We taught Tammy too since she was there. It was such a blessing. (pictures are us with her dad and then us afterwards in Jordan).

This experience has taught me one thing though. I've never really had fears. I mean, little ones... but this... Chinese hospitals TERRIFY me. Holy crap. We walked off the elevator and almost immediately there are gurneys. Everywhere. And bloody gauze, and we had to practically climb over a billion and a half people to get to Tammy's dad. It was so sketchy. Looked so dark and dreary and lonely and..... maybe not the cleanest place on earth. So I don't recommend needing a hospital if at all possible while in China. Haha. That's okay though. We were happy to have that experience.

Our investigators are doing well. We gave Kelly a new baptismal date and everyone seems to be progressing well. I am really proud of all their hard work and their faith!

Keep working hard, everybody. Ga yauh!
Hou faai means real fast. Umm. there's a chance Sister Lubeck and I (if we don't get transferred this week) will get to sing in sacrament for Christmas.

(In reference to Sister Crook's brother getting a personal trainer):  Tell Jaiden I say Ga Yauh! (gai-yow), means add oil... meaning good luck. I have lost a ton of weight here actually. Part of it is due to being sick the first few weeks and not wanting to eat anything, and honestly part of it is we just don't have time to eat other than meal time. Cut out the snacking and eating after 6 pm and you lose weight super fast. We also do a lot of walking, but nothing too crazy. one foot is getting a lot better, and the other one fluctuates from being the same to getting worse, but I keep it under control. my companion thinks I should try acupuncture but there's  no way in crap you could get me to try that. Crazy stuff goes on here...haha. Mostly I just decided that I'm going to have to just deal with my foot hurting sometimes, because the alternative options aren't good. So no worries! It's fine. If it gets to be a problem I'll tell Sister Hawks, but otherwise I just use Sister Lubeck's rice bags and ice it every night and roll it with my golf ball. I'm getting to the point where I can run a little bit in the morning without hurting too bad, so it's all good.
(In reference to a question about celebrating Christmas in China): Nobody here really celebrates Christmas. The ward does a party but that's about it, since most people are Buddhist no one celebrates.

(In reference to a package I sent a few weeks ago): Thank you for the socks!!!!! Holy crap I was so excited. I also made cheesecake! Mmm. So good. And the Koolaid. We tried to feed some to Sister Lau (member) yesterday but she said in English, "I do not eat blue. I can eat purple, or other colors. But I do not eat blue." it was so funny.  Bahaha Sister Lau is too funny. She's our coordinator's wife and she's adorable. I think she's just afraid of blue koolaid. One of our YSA's asked if my koolaid was a "party drink" and another rmember A-Au just looked at it, poured some in a cup, and totally downed it. So funny. They don't really eat a lot of sweet stuff here. Like at all, so it's weird and foreign to them but no worries.

Transfers are this week. Sorry I forgot to write that. Pray that I don't go anywhere! Just kidding. But seriously, I  hope I don't leave.  I'm just finally starting to get to know the members so I'm  not ready to leave... Just come pick me up from my mission next december, and I can show you all these cool places. (;

(After a question about weather in December):
Hahaha umm, yeah December here will be pretty chilly. But I don't know that June is the best idea either. Right now the weather is absolutely beautiful though. Perfect. I know some missionaries don't want to be picked up but I'd totally support it. The temple here is incredible and the cities are just insane. guess we'll see how cold December gets. Definitely need a coat! Haha.

Hug the doggie for me... sorry she got sick! Love you all!  My time is up so peace out!! *holds up peace sign because that's what all Chinese people do*

Love you all!

-Sister Crook
Gung Gung

In Jordan

 Mom sent a Jell-O Cheesecake mix   YUMMMY

 Decorated Planner

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