Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015 Don't Tell Kenny!

We have a new investigator this week, and lo and behold we're teaching a pohpo. It's the best thing in the whole world. Lan Yi is a little pohpo (grandma) that has been exposed to the church for many, many years. Her daughter went to school in Taiwan and met the gospel over there and came home already having been baptized. Her daughter died some years ago, but that daughter left behind two sons- both of which are active members. One is preparing to leave on a mission in March. Lan Yi has many, many friends in the Tsing Yi ward and is a regular at the weekly gospel class. A member came up to us last week at church and said Lan Yi said she wants to be baptized. The best part is Lan Yi wants to get baptized before her grandson Kenny goes on a mission........on March 12th. WAH. Our entire first lesson was fun, and she stressed "Don't tell Kenny! I want to surprise him!!" What a cute little grandma. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to teach her. She's adorable. I think I'll adopt her someday as another, Chinese grandma. She's so so so cute.

Found a praying mantis (tohng lohng) while finding the other day. So that was fun. No fear. Just picked it up. I wanted to take it finding with us but Sister Killpack said no...

Went shopping in Mong Kok for the first time last week. that was INSANE. but way fun. Sister Cheng (from TY ward, just finished mission) came to be with us on her last day. She told me my hair isn't blonde, it's mango colored. Pretty funny. Haven't heard that yet. Taught Cherry and took her finding with us and we just love her a lot. She's doing SO well. Also really grateful to spend my valentines day with my companion! It was great. Love you all, so much! Thanks for the support!

-Kuk Jimuih

PS- HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. More stories to come next week, I'm sure. Basically everyone is migrating to Mainland to celebrate, but it will be okay. No worries. Should be fun. Santai ginhong! (have health!)

Wow, sounds like everything is going good. (About choosing to serve a mission) I didn't want to serve either, and then one day it just hit me that there's someone somewhere that needs my testimony. Now, I see Cherry preparing to go to the temple and I understand why I'm here. It's cool. Glad to hear everybody's doing good. Anybody can serve a mission. Even if it's just online in the MTC, it's still a calling.  I wondered for a long time why I was here, because I felt I needed to serve a mission but didn't know why, and why here. but now I do. and it's all good.

I'm grateful that you taught me to be righteous. Its amazing to see so many of these members here, almost all of which are converts, and how they raise their families. The church is the same worldwide- moms still love their kids and want the best for them. And the examples of people make such a difference in people's lives. I'm so blessed to serve here. Thank you for sacrificing so much so I can be here.

(About a missing package) Yeah it had my glasses. oh well. it'll be alright. we're on KT today again so we'll check the mail. we're baking with sister hawks again for p day... best thing ever. she can cook like nobody's business. today we're making homemade lemon poppy-seed muffins from scratch.

Speaking of. the cookie mixes you send don't really work very well... they taste good but they are super flat- don't rise here. but the muffin mixes are super yummy. thanks!

(About the weird warm weather here) WEIRD. haha. the weather here has been really warm, but that's because there's this massive rain cloud just sitting on us and it's been super hot and very humid. sticky. it's gross. it's a good time to visit Hong Kong though- not too cold. just shoes, really. that's all. I really can buy almost everything but shoes here.

P.P.S. I found the COOLEST stuff in Mong Kok last week... your Christmas present is gonna be shweeeeeeettttt.

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