Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

**Note from mom: Sister Crook has the opportunity to "email chat" for about an hour each Sunday night with us.  Many of the questions we ask and the often funny responses are the result of the "P.S.'s" at the end of each weekly email.  Sister Crook is also able to send a lot of photos each week thanks to her access to Dropbox.  To see more, we post most of those on her mission blog site at

Dear Family and Friends,
Last week on exchanges, Sister Dudley and I met this cute little lady who wanted to learn about the church. But her friends that she was running with came back and wanted her to keep running with them. We took a picture together really quick (she's from Mainland...mainlanders love to take pictures with white people) and she went on her way after giving us her number.

So when I called her the first time, she was super super sick and couldn't meet us. But she was still wanting to meet us! So I called Thursday and invited her to English class. After running halfway around the island to try to find her (apparently I can't give directions in Chinese...) we brought her back to English class and taught her afterwards.

Her name is Kelly and she's a mom of an 8 year old girl. Kelly came in contact with a Restoration pamphlet years ago on a trip to Hong Kong from Mainland, where she lived at the time. When we gave her a Book of Mormon and a new pamphlet, she had an overwhelming "really hot" feeling. She said she distinctly remembers having had that before, because of the picture of Joseph Smith receiving the priesthood. She said she didn't know what that picture meant but she knew it was good and could feel it. Our lesson was so spiritual. Kelly is so prepared to hear the gospel! She couldn't make it to church this week but said she'll definitely one next week. She's excited we will let her bring her daughter with her.

Wah. She's literally so prepared. She's so cute too! She barely comes up to my shoulders and has this cute short hair and she's got a fireball of a personality. She's so humble and willing to learn. We're so excited to start working with her! She's so so so so so cute.

Last week for P Day we went to 10,000 Buddhas and literally there are that many. It was so cool. You can't take pictures of the temple, obviously, but even just walking up the massive hill was incredible! I loved it. I got some sweet pictures with lots of Buddhas. When Sister Robinson and I were talking at the top, though, some crazy man came up and lifted his hand to the square as if to greet us, and then proceeded to curse us in some sketchy language that definitely wasn't Chinese. He was chanting and waving his hands at us and doing all sorts of crazy stuff. So that was fun. We got outta there pretty quick...haha. Good times.

FYI, Elder Ballard is coming to HK on the 25-26, and is doing a special meeting just for the missionaries. President Hawks had the assistants call me and ask me to play piano for that, so that'll be fun. The presiding bishop will also be there, and Elder Easband, and probably the Asia area people. Cool huh?  And transfers are the 26th. I will probably be leaving my area but no idea where.  I want to serve somewhere new and be ready for a new adventure, but I'm going to be sad about leaving the ward (Sister Lau is like, my mom in Hong Kong) and leaving Cammy and her kids and our new investigator Kelly.

It's been a good week. Thanks for the prayers and love! (:

-Kuk Jimuih

P.S. So I know nobody here celebrates Valentine's Day, but I wanted to wish you all a happy valentine's day and tell you that I love you! (: Ngoh ngoi leihdeih!

(In reference to some videos we sent of our dog): Haha the videos of the dog are funny. Hope you enjoy my many Buddha pictures this week- I took a TON. and we went to Ikea. that's the first time I've ever been to Ikea and it is AMAZING. I could live in that store for eternity.

(In reference to a question about transfers and if she is excited about something new and where she might go): No idea. I don't think so, but I really don't know. My little island is in the boonies. I really want to serve in the new territories like, really really bad, that would be so cool. I've actually been to the Disneyland train station a few times on my way to Tung Chung, so that's fun. I've actually been a lot of places. Been on the far east end of the Island, Wan Chi, been to Ma On Shan (far northeast corner) and Tung Chung/Lantau Island, where the airport is. just haven't been up to the northwest corner yet.

(In reference to a possible trip to Orlando next winter to see Aunt Tam if they move there): I'm all for whatever you want to do, just give me time to sleep a couple days and get a pedicure. My feet are looking pretty sad, haha.  Yeah, my feet just look like I walk several miles a day in shoes.  SPEAKING OF. Can you send me new shoes for my birthday? I checked out the Clarks store here and they don't carry stuff big enough for my feet. I uploaded pictures of my shoes on dropbox- those are the ones I want. mine are just worn and falling apart. I don't know what size they are (the inserts have worn off the size) but they're just over 11 inches long. if you can't find the exact same pair though, don't buy them- they're the only shoes that really fit my orthotics.
Photos: Visiting 10,000 Budhas

happy valentines day family!

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