Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 2, 2015: You Have Chosen Option E

Jan 26: Sister Lau invited us to her home to "give us a present". We showed up and she said "I went finding this morning for you, because I felt like I needed to give you a member referral." Wow. How cool. She literally went out and contacted people on the street. Her neighbor has interest in learning but we couldn't meet with her that night (she was busy) so hopefully this week we can meet her. Also got to go to Wan Chi to eat GIANT pizza and ride the Star Ferry. Super fun.

Jan 27: I tried to contact this lady and she literally ran up this massive hill to get away from me. Literally booked it up there. I felt kinda bad, but it was just too funny to not be grateful for. But in reality I'm grateful for when that doesn't happen, and we don't have to run after people cuz that makes my feet hurt. Haha.

Jan 28: Met a really nice lady on the streets named A-Sze. I love it when we meet nice people. Most people are jerks...haha.

Jan 29: WE COULD SEE STARS. The air is usually so bad that we can't see stars! But there were a few tiny little stars dotting the skies- and they were stars, not airplanes!!!

Jan 30: Did zone 24's. Zone 24's were the best. I just love doing exchanges, and having the opportunity to serve with Sister Dudley was wonderful. We went out finding where a man approached us and said (In English) "Hey. You're Mormons. I've never seen sister missionaries before, that's really cool! I have interest in your church." We were a little concerned that his interest wasn't in the right place, but he has real intent. We turned him over to the Tung Chung elders (because that's where he lives) and he's excited to learn of the truth. What a blessing.

Jan 31: Went to Tung Chung with sister Dudley and ate Subway for lunch. Mmmm, I miss American food. Too bad it make me kinda sick. Then we made hamburgers for dinner. Mmmmmm.

Feb 1: Cammy came to the last hour of church! WOOOOO. After many weeks of sick children, they're finally back on track. Woo.

We had this discussion yesterday about "things people do to get away from the missionaries in Hong Kong".

Option A: The "mhdaakhah (not available) hand wave"
Option B: Dive in front of a moving car. Happens almost daily.
Option C: Really obviously cross the sidewalk.
Option D: Fake a phone call or text
Option E: Totally ignore everything we say.

We decided that when people do option E to us, we say "Gam (well...) you have chosen Option E" and then walk away. Not really, probably won't ever do it to their faces. But we say it to each other and it's funny. Good times finding.
Today we're going up to 10,000 Buddhas so it should be fun. Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers! Love you all!

-Sister Kuk
(In reference to last week's thousand year old egg photo): I really did eat it. I can make them for you someday. it's not as bad as it looks. pretty good. but it was soaking in a TON of vinegar and oil so my insides didn't feel too hot afterwards. but it was okay-la. not bad.  It's not really 1000 years old.... maybe 3 months, but not 1000 years. It;s just a preserved egg. Google it. I'm not going to come home with diseases and die! like, parasites maybe, but no diseases. They give us drugs at the end of the mission for that though, so I'll be fine. A Sister missionary made that for me, totally safe. (Mom told her she was going to die): I totally will not! I've eaten weirder things. Okay, maybe not. But like... grass jelly was gross. I found a can of it so I'm gonna buy some and bring it home with me. I'm excited to cook real Guangdong Chinese food for you!
(In reference to little sister Tessa's paper turtles she sent to BriAnna): We were out finding last week and found some lady out exercising with her turtles- two of them just wandering around outside. it was the funniest thing and we talked to the lady for a few minutes about them. Apparently they get about... a little over a foot in diameter. you should show up one day with a real turtle. if you don't, I will.
(In reference to "real" Chinese food, is there anything in the U.S. that compares): Its not even close to the same. not even close. I mean, sweet and sour pork can be found here... but it's not the same. I can learn to make coconut bread (to DIE FOR) and cha siu faahn (......barbeque pork rice?) and that's pretty typical here. meals are like a massive bowl of rice with tons of weird side dishes. lots of squid. icky.
Tessa's little turtles are participating in language study

and eating a muffin?  These pictures are going to make a little 9 year old sister so so happy

P-Day adventure to Wan Chi




Sister missionaries on the loose!

Palm trees and blue skies!  What more can you ask for in January?

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