Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 Happy Hump Day from Hong Kong!

What a week. We had a much better week than last week and I know it's due to our increased commitment and faith.

Tuesday night we sat down in a weird place to say our opening prayer for finding and as soon as we looked up, we saw a man standing in white looking out over the ocean. We decided to talk to him- turns out he was praying. He had some pretty unfortunate stuff happen in his life and we got a pretty good discussion about our religions going. He has a really controlling girlfriend and was afraid to give us his phone number but we got an email address and hope that when he's ready, he'll come looking for us. Right now he doesn't have a desire to change religions but was very friendly and willing to meet again- we just don't know when yet. Either way we were grateful for such a great person to talk to. After that we were talking to an old man doing karaoke. He was awesome and we ended up singing karaoke in Mandarin with him. (Or desperately failing... you pick.)

Wednesday we had a district find in Tsing Yi and we met a nice little old man who let us teach him a little bit about the church. He was on break from work and we talked with him for quite some time before he had to go back. It was so great to just have decent conversations with people. Talking with people about their lives first and then the gospel brings us more friends, builds better relationships for future encounters, and we have so much more fun!

Thursday was good. We had a really great learning experience. We were finding in a chyun when two little old ladies chased after us and said they wanted to learn more about our church. Being a missionary, of course, our first reaction is "YES! I can teach you the WHOLE GOSPEL!" and you get really excited. Turns out they were from some other church whose name I'd never heard before (or just didn't understand... leuhng go dou dak) who wanted us to "find truth". It really tested our testimonies- because when people corner you on the street and tear apart the Book of Mormon, there's nothing more you can do but bear a solid testimony that you know what you're doing is true- otherwise you wouldn't be here. We walked away from that lesson pretty shaken. I haven't ever experienced four people just coming up on me and trashing everything I've ever known before. That was hard. But you know what? The church is still true. And that street lesson led me to some awesome personal studies that solidified my testimony even more. Yeah, I still don't know how to answer their questions about grace and being saved and all sorts of other stuff, but I  know that the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet. And right now, that's all that matters.

Friday was nuts, but not like Saturday! Saturday was amazing. Sister Kartchner and I decided to follow a spiritual prompting I'd been having for a few days to head out to Park Island. We haven't had much success out there before and Sister Killpack really, really hates going out there to find. I took the opportunity with Sister Kartchner just to get out there and do it, and we saw some incredible miracles. We found one new investigator named Iris that we'll head out there again this week to see. We also taught two family street lessons. One family was willing to pray with us and then their little boy started to cry because he was scared of us (I guess white people are scary...). I prayed in my heart that he would stop crying so the family could feel the spirit- and lo and behold as soon as Sis Kartchner started to pray, he stopped. They don't have much interest in learning about the gospel right now but they have our information if they ever feel they need it. (which they totally do. who doesn't need an eternal family?) The second lesson we taught was a family of a mom from China, a dad from Japan, and a little baby. They are moving to Park Island soon so hopefully we'll run into them more often. Lesson learned: ALWAYS follow the promptings. Even if you hate finding in Mawan.

Sunday we taught a member about the 10 commandments and learned a lot more about how we can better teach them for Hong Kong people to understand. It was good.

We saw a lot of miracles this week and I'm grateful to be serving the Lord. We passed our halfway point this week and though I'm not where I thought I'd be by 9 months out on my mission, I've seen such an incredible change in myself and pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen me. I love this gospel and am so blessed to be serving in Hong Kong.

Totally forgot to mention that this week we were getting ready to start our finding and were walking up to the chyun. We had just come to a  silent part in our conversation when we approached an old man looking at a sign. We were just about to say hello to him when he lets out a fart bigger than anything I've heard in a long, long, long time. Just lets it free. GAH. We literally ran away in tears because we were trying not to laugh. He totally farted on us. Probably didn't mean to because he's an older guy, but then again people here have no shame and burp and fart like nobody's business. So please be uplifted by this message- the Tsing Yi sisters got farted on by an old man this week. And it was really, really really funny.

that is all.

Happy hump day! We celebrated with mango float. (Filipino dessert... SO GOOD.) and St. Patrick's day! Gotta wear lots of green.

Love you all!
-Kuk Jimuih

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