Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015 Transfers...or Not

Yep, nothing happened. Sorry ya'll. Sister Kuk (Sister Crook) is still hanging out serving the crap out of Tsing Yi! I'm still senior comp over Sister Killpack. I have to admit I was kind of sad I wasn't training (Sister Robinson is though...bahaha. her trainee is adorable) or going anywhere new (for the new experience, something different!) but it's all good because WE HAVE A BAPTISM THIS WEEK.

Remember Lan Yi? Cute little old pohpo (grandma) that we're teaching? Yep, she passed her interview with flying colors. WOO.​ She is seriously just the cutest thing and I'm so blessed to be the one who gets to teach her. She's going to be a great blessing to the ward!! They announced her baptism in church yesterday and she was so excited. Her grandsons (one of which was suspecting things but didn't actually know till yesterday) were so happy. We've been in close contact with her older grandson who's also a ward missionary, and when we called him Saturday to let him know about her interview, he was like "Wait. She passed?!" Haha. people worried about her intent because of how fast it has happened, but she's changed so much in the last two weeks. it's incredible the experiences we have! Woo.

Also, apparently Chinese New Year is still going on. We got to see a cool lion dance, and I have a video. if you want it, ask my mom or... check out my blog, probably? Last week we went up to Big Buddha again and checked out a really cool monastery and then took the cable cars down. it was so worth every second! It was so cool. Except are cabin mates didn't really like the fact that we were Christians. but oh well. It was a fun adventure for reals.

Also this week, we had the most incredible opportunity to listen to an apostle of the Lord speak to us. Wednesday at the missionary meeting, I had the privilege to play the piano! Ah. I have missed playing the piano, and it really was so wonderful to help bring the spirit to that meeting. I got to shake hands with Elder Ballard! so cool. Also got to meet the presiding bishop and joigin (meet again) the Asia area presidency and Elder Rasband. It was so cool to sit literally at Elder Ballard's feet (pianists get the front row seats) and listen to the words of a living prophet. It only strengthens my testimony that prophets are called of God! Woo. Thursday night we got to go to Wan Chi again and elder Ballard spoke with all the members in Hong Kong that could make it. As we were walking out and pushing our way through crowds and crowds of Hong Kong members, I was just totally overcome with this huge feeling that the Lord truly loves the members of the church, no matter where you are in the world. It was such a blessing.

Funny thing of the week: Sister Killpack, Robinson, and I all got to serve as a trio again, as Sister Robinson's trainee didn't make it until late, late Thursday night. So we were a trio all day Thursday, super fun!

Also funny thing about apostle meetings in Wan Chi. Obviously Elder Ballard doesn't speak Cantonese (he greeted us missionaries with the typical "ni hao" that we get... silly Elder Ballard, we say "leih hou" here... Haha. good stuff.) so when he spoke, a guy translated. So Obviously I understand English. And now I understand Cantonese. So hearing the side by side translation just killed anyone who could understand both languages, because the translation was..... iffy. And some things were translated super funny, so it was really entertaining.

Wow. I talked a lot this week. Hope everyone is doing fine and dandy. Sending my love from the humid tropics of Hong Kong! Ngoh ngoi leihdeih! (:

-Kuk Jimuih

P.S. Sister Lan Yi, soon to be member's grandson Kenny is leaving to England on a mission in a few weeks!

In reference to our new house: That is a behemoth garage. Literally. Haha. oh well, I'm sure it'll look alright when it's all done. It's looking so nice! yeah, sorry, didn't get transferred this time... almost positive I will next time. President h\Hawks really likes sisters to serve no more than three areas their mission, but two is common I guess. Haha. oh well. Almost everybody else that came with my group but me and sister Killpack is training, and I had a hard time with that for a while. What about us two isn't good enough to train this transfer? Oh well. Guess I still have lots to learn.
In reference to a photo of a random cow Sister Crook took this week: We were just up by the Big Buddha and there was a cow up there... that's it. haha. just thought it was funny that it was wandering, since we don't see many cows. like ever. it's only the second once since I've been in HK and both have been in Tung Chung by big buddha.
In reference to photos of signs declaring "no public urination": Yeah, public urination and pooping is a huge problem. Haha. we just found those two signs like, right after each other. super funny.

Because everyone has a pet cow tied to a tree right?

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