Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015 The Proposal

What a week.

We had a baptism this week. I was privileged to be one of the missionaries that helped Tang Sau Lan enter the waters of baptism and covenant with her Heavenly Father to keep His commandments and follow Christ. Her baptism was amazing. I felt the spirit so strong. Her good friend and fellow-shipper got up and bore a sweet testimony about how grateful she was to be a part of Lan Yi's life. She spoke about when Lan Yi's daughter was in the hospital near the end of her life (she died of cancer some years ago) she told this sister, Sister Hung, that all she wanted was for her mom to be baptized. Of course, she died before she had the chance to see that, but I know without a doubt this daughter, as well as Lan Yi's deceased husband, were there watching the baptism with us. After she was baptized, Lan Yi stood up to share her testimony. She started out by thanking a few dear friends who helped her meet the gospel, but never did pressure her, and then proceeded to thank us. She got a little emotional as she looked right into our eyes and said "Thank you to the missionaries who taught me. Thank you for your patience for when you taught me stuff and I forgot it by the next time. Thank you." It was the sweetest thing. At the end, she closed with her testimony of prayer. Lan Yi had some trouble before remembering to say her prayers sometimes. Friday night (the night before her baptism) both of her grandsons were really sick, and she was really nervous about her baptism and nervous that they wouldn't be able to help her to be baptized. She said a heartfelt prayer to Heavenly Father, asking that He help them to feel well enough to help her be baptized. Sure enough, by Saturday afternoon they were okay. They looked a little sick, but both were okay. One baptized her, and one did the confirmation yesterday in church. It was definitely a baptism to remember. I love her with all my heart and am so grateful she chose to be baptized. It's been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks (like, literally) but it's been the most amazing thing. If I've learned anything, it's that it's the spirit, not us missionaries, that teach these people. And people are prepared! It just sometimes takes... 30+ years to be prepared. (: but it's okay. I love the gospel and am so grateful to serve here!

So, there's just something fun about being one of the only white people with red hair in Hong Kong. haha. So there's this guy who sits in a common area outside an estate and yells "Yehsou Geiduk!" at us really loud every time we pass (Jesus Christ). Usually when that happens we just ignore them because it's bad news and they are jerks... yeah. But we accidentally ran into him. Turns out he met missionaries a few years back and wants to learn more about the gospel. Crazy. And then. We got talking about our lives (as we normally do on the streets) and he told me if he wasn't already married he would marry me. And then proceeded to ask if I'd date him. Bahaha. Note- this is like a.... 50 or 60 year old man. Haha. Just super funny. So that happened. I mean, it happens to other sisters all the time but seemed to have escaped me until this week. Sister Killpack and I walked away from that contact about crying, it was so funny. He came to English class and we even gave him a name, since we found him. We call him Russ! yay. Naming Chinese people is fun. His English is... zip. so English class is fun. And he just loved it. Thought it was the best. I think he's slightly crazy, but oh well. If he wants to learn the gospel, he still can. We gave him to the Elders to teach. Good times.

Also, our new roommate (a sister from Myra...nmar? Myramar? not sure how to spell it...used to be called Burma?) cooked us dinner yesterday and we literally ate rice, fish (full of no meat and all eggs...icky) and corn- on the FLOOR. with our HANDS. it was the best thing ever. super messy but way cool to experience how she eats at home. She's a brilliant cook. I just decided I  don't care much for fish full of eggs. haha. good times. also I found a lizard in teh church this week. so that was fun.

I'm so grateful I've chosen to serve a mission. It's made me learn to forget about myself and how lame I am and work on how to improve myself so I can be better for my companions. I think if anything, that's why everyone should marry a returned missionary- because they've already had that opportnity to live with someone 24/7 and have to learn to adjust. if you don't, you can't have the spirit and that makes it hard. Don't doubt it- if I can't find someone as good asdad then there's no way on earth​ I'll marry him.

Grandparents are the best. Teaching Lan Yi makes me miss my grandmas a ton, but it's okay because I should be home to see them for Christmas. so all is well. yatchai hou. mmm, gotcha. yeah mental illness is everywhere. We met a guy on the street that is bipolar (and we swear he's also add. hard core.) but he's great. he's had hard times but is a good guy.  I really love grandma pro's letters to me. they are the best part of my week sometimes. (besides missionary-things.)

Yeah, Ric is great. The elders don't like him much though, so even though we did a turnover lesson and let him meet the elders, they aren't too excited to teach him. which is sad. we might just pick him back up again. he's got lots of problems with the word of wisdom but he'll learn. bless his soul, this week he came to church and was falling alseep in sacrament, so he left to buy himself a coffee so he could stay awake. haha. so funny.​

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