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July 21, 2014: Week 5 Happy Humpyaht!

So Humpyaht. Basically means hump day. Yaht = day... and nobody wants to look up "hump" in Chinese because it probably means like, the hump of a camel o something. anyways. HAPPY HUMP DAY. MTC hump day was Friday and oh dang, we partied hard. After tons and tons of studying, we feasted upon the food that our lovely families have been sending. it was great.

So Tuesday was a pretty tough day. All our Cambodian friends left and stuff, and MTC goodbyes are harder than saying goodbye to those I love at home. It is hard when you don't have even five minutes to cry out all your emotions, whether they're good or bad. so you kind of just hold it all in and explode. But it's getting better, and every day we start fresh.

Also on Tuesday, my trio got changed from a trio to a quad. basically the weirdest thing ever. Sister Christensen from the Cambodia group had to stay after her district left because of an injury, so she got put with us. So sometimes we're a quad, and sometimes we walk around in pairs. It's pretty crazy, but she's nice and fun so it's cool. That night we had a devotional and before, in choir practice,we were singing Faith of our Fathers. Our director changed some words and asked us to put in the country we will be serving in in the music, so one line said "Faith of our fathers, we will strive to win all of CHINA unto thee; and through the truth that comes from God, mankind shall then indeed be free." It was basically the coolest thing ever. Loved it. How true is that? If not for my pioneer ancestors, I wouldn't be here preparing to serve the saints o China.

Wednesday was pretty fun. I got a package from my very best friend in Alaska and it was the greatest thing ever. He's super thoughtful. We also taught a pretty great lesson and really brought the spirit to one of our investigators. So on Wednesday our teacher told us a pretty funny analogy. She said (note this is all in Cantonese, so I'm going to translate to English) "MTC is like the pre-earth life. The mission field is like birth. Being an RM is like the celestial kingdom!!" Haha. I just laughed. She's so cute. I'll try to get a picture with my teachers before we ship out, but that's still four weeks away.

I don't even remember what happened on Thursday... basically Thursday SUCKS because it's long. OH WAIT. but service. So we do service every week cleaning our residence hall. Sis Killpack and I got the lovely opportunity to clean the showers. They gave us a hose with a foam sprayer attachment on it, so we partied it up spraying foam literally ALL over the bathroom. it was way fun. Other than the hair in the drains, I'd totally volunteer to do that every week. it was the bomb. I got a package from my sweet YW leader at home full of a cute note and some treats to share with my companions. That totally made our day. I just really love hearing from people. It makes us realize that the real world does exist somewhere outside the walls of the MTC!

Speaking of showers. So the other night I walked into a shower and was hanging up my towel and stuff. (Please note, still totally in my church clothes.) It was pretty early so not many people were showering yet. I hear this "Hey, Sister? I see your feet like, every time I shower. Whats your name?" I just stood there like "umm. what the heck." so that was my awkward moment of the week. I felt super awkward, but it was funny.

Friday was pretty fabulous because it was hump day! We celebrated by eating tons of food. WE took pictures and sang songs and just had a great time. We probably stuffed 20 or so people into our tiny classroom, which was way fun. It was just a good time to get to know each other better. I seriously love every single one of these people SO MUCH. Like, I will cry when I have to leave and can't hug these cute Elders goodbye. They are the best. We're like one big family, and our district is even more close than that. I love these people like they were my own siblings and can't wait to come home and hear about how they're all doing.

That reminds me. The no Elders and Sisters touching besides handshakes rule is the funniest thing ever. LIke, I get it. totally. Makes total sense. Were representatives of the Lord and need to be focused on the gospel, its cool. But I just laugh every time someone accidentally touches somebody because the reaction is pretty funny. So if an Elder accidentally brushes up against a sister, or like last night Sister Robinson slapped (not hard!!) Elder Merrell (cant remember why but dang it was funny!) and she just freaked out. You know that line in finding nemo where they're like "GASP. he touched the butt." that's totally how it is. its so funny.

Not much happened on Saturday, but we had a really good time Sunday! T.C Christensen came to speak to us last night. it was AWESOME. he gave such a wonderful talk to us about our pioneer ancestry. loved it!! it was seriously the best. he has such a great testimony and I loved hearing about his adventures filming 17 miracles.

Well, I love you all! I hope all is going well at home and would love to hear from you (:

Ngoh ngoi leih!

-Kuk Jimuih

Okay so I forgot to mention the Strangest Lightning story. and our lesson with Suki. feel free to throw this on my blog or forward it or whatevs.

Okay. So the song from Tarzan, "Strangers like me". You know it. So we have this elder, Elder Anderson. He's super smart and we just love him to death. We tease him and call him Elder Google because I swear he knows everything. Anyways, some of my district wanted to translate the lines from the chorus of the song so of course he volunteered. He wrote it all on the board and then he and Elder Merrell sang it. It was great. Sister Robinson asked what the literal translation is, since English doesn't translate exactly. He went on to quote basically the chorus, and then at the last line he said "I want to know about the strangest lightning. We just kinda looked at him like he was crazy. Sister Robinson was like "Umm, you know it's strangers like me...right?" I felt so bad, but the look on his face was 100% totally priceless. SO FUNNY. He totally had no idea and thought it said Strangest Lightning... so now we tease him about it all th time, but it's all in good fun. (:

So our lesson with Suki. Suki is our investigator that lives with her boyfriend and wants to learn English. We've been teaching her for the past two or so weeks and have progressed pretty far as far as doctrine is concerned. Anyways, we just felt like she didn't really feel that we loved her, so Friday (I think) we took a step back and just asked her about any questions she had. We walked into that lesson not knowing what to teach, and we walked away from it having just answered a couple questions and really hard core testifying of our knowledge of the gospel and that we seriously just love her so much and want her  to be happy. It was a pretty powerful lesson and I was really, really grateful we took that step. Our other investigator is going to have a baptismal date by the end of this week and I'm way excited!! LOVE THE GOSPEL.

ngoh jidou ligaan gauuwui haih jansaht ge. Ngoh jidou Yeuksaht Simaht haih sinji, tungmai Yehsou Geiduk saufuh bei ngohdeih. Ngoh ngoi Gwondungwa!! Ngoh ngoi chyuundo ge geiwuui!

-Sister Crook
 The whole Cantonese District.  (Mom's note: not sure if they are all going to Hong Kong or not).  Sis Nuttall, Cotton, Killpack, Hadley, Elder Copley
Elder Anderson, me, sis robinson, cochran, anderson, poulson, dunbar, hansen Elder Li, Merrell, Black, Sisters Cox and Brown
 Now in a companionship of 4...Sister Christensen is in the Cambodia group but staying back due to an injury.
 Really Really Bad Hair
 "I found a praying mantis!"
 Hump Day party!  So many treats!
 Many missionaries leaving the Marriott Center
 MTC Hump Day
 (Mom's Note: No explanation for this photo- Pictionary maybe?)
 Sister Crook and Sister Nuttal match!
 Hump Day party and loot! Sister Anderson

 Elders feasting on the Hump Day junk from home
 A light up CTR ring!

 Praying mantis.
A little package came all the way from Alaska (from BFF Elder Gilmore)

What my name means in Chinese!  Crooked and Music!  How perfectly fitting!

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