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July 14, 2104: The Real World Smells Like Poop

Sometimes, the things we say in the MTC are pretty profound. LIke when we teach an amazing lesson or something. And other times, we say things like "The real world smells like poop!!" There is a story behind that one for sure. They are redoing the gym floor, so we have to walk down to the Marriot center to have our devotionals. It's nice to get out of our little confinement and leave campus for something other than the gym field or temple. But we had to go out the south gate, and that's where all the dumpsters are. Needless to say, as we walked past them and were expressing excitement for a few minutes in "the real world" cute little Sister Hadley said "The real world smells like poop!" because of the stinky dumpsters. It was great.

There is also a reason behind "The Plague". It's hit hard here.About two weeks after we got here, Sister Cox (in the other Canto district) got sick. She was worried it was strep so she went to the doctor. They said it was just a virus so they couldn't do anything. I felt pretty bad because she looked miserable. Well, about a week later Elder Klein got sick with it, and he's in my district. The other elders in the district got sick too. They all got better so we figured we were safe. Nope. the night of the 4th of July my nose started to get a little stuffy. By Monday night my throat was searing and I seriously couldn't eat anything. we took an adventure to the doctor Tuesday and he said again, it was an upper respiratory virus so they couldn't do anything. I've spent the last week trying not to die as I cough up internal organs (not literally) and take meds for the congestion that feels like someone is stepping on my face. It's definitely not been fun. Being sick in general sucks, but when you're sick and don't have the option to go lay down and sleep it off for a day, it seriously sucks. way bad. one of my companions also got it, so Friday night we just went back to our room early and studied there. Thank heavens I'm finally feeling like I can function again!

We had a pretty cool experience this week teaching one of our investigators. Actually, both, really. So Jyu Jimuih is one of our investigators. we spent some time teaching her about the plan of salvation. She seemed pretty excited. I really felt like we needed to invite her to baptism, so I did and she accepted! We still have a lot of lessons to teach, especially since lesson 5 now has to be taught before baptism (new mission rule as of this week!) but she's progressing and I'm excited. Our other investigator, Suki, is a little wary of what we have to say. She lives with her boyfriend and we're all terrified to address the law of chastity for fear that she'll be offended, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Anyways, we planned to teach Suki the first half of the plan of salvation one particular day.

Side story- one of my companions really struggles with the language. she just learns things at a different pace than every one else, which is expected. it's a hard language, what do you do? Anyways, this language is one where pronunciation is KEY. you MUST pronounce stuff right or you'll be saying things like Joseph Smith had pregnancy problems or that apostles kill people. So this sister was trying to read out of our Romanized Cantonese Preach My Gospel about the atonement, and the investigator just wasn't getting it. Suki jsut sat and looked confused and finally pretty firmly said "I just don't understand what you're speaking." my companion looked really frustrated. It actually looked like she was about to give up, and then out of nowhere she started to bear her testimony. It was powerful. It was the most simple testimony I've seen, but when she finished Suki had tears in her eyes and quietly thanked her. The spirit was so strong in that lesson. We have yet to feel the spirit that strongly in another lesson since then, but it was definitely amazing.

Tuesday night Niel L Anderson came to speak to us. He spoke about the importance of the Holy Ghost and talked about how we speak by the tongues of angels. That's a pretty cool promise to a bunch of greenie missionaries who struggle with their language. Last night the MTC administrative guy came and spoke with us about charity, and that too was an amazing devotional.

Sorry there isn't more to talk about this week...

OH. Hump week. So, this week is the very middle! After like... Thursday or so, I only have four more weeks here. As scary as that is because I am NOT ready as far as my language is concerned. But we spend Sundays watching mormon messages and stuff like that. This week we watched everything possible that had to do with Hong Kong- from native Cantonese speakers to things about the temple and an interview with Elder Holland and his visit to the saints of Hong Kong. I get so emotional because I love the people there already. I love their language and am SO exicted for this wonderful adventure!!!!!!!!!

Much love, ngoh ngoi leihdeih!

-Kuk Jimuih
Totally forgot to mention my awesome hosting adventure. Basically when new missionaries come to the MTC, they're "hosted" by people who've been here a few weeks. This week we got the chance to host new missionaries. We went to a 30 minute training meeting and then stood on the curb and smiled and waved as we watched new missionaries drive past. Cool story though-

I knew I had a few friends coming in that day. So I stood at the top and waited. and waited. and waited. I saw my friend Sister Yardley (Headed to San Jose Costa Rica!) drive past so I frantically waved and almost ran down to be her host, when I saw none other than SISTER MERTENS drive past me. For anyone who doesn't know, that woman is my soul sister and we are the best of friends. I got such a wonderful opportunity to be able to greet her and be with her as she said goodbye to her family. I got to show her around and help her get her tag. I took her to her residence hall...literally lives on the floor below me. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful friend serving in the field and I am so glad i have the opportunity to see her so often! It's seriously the best.

I'm pretty sure we're going to host every week until we leave. They like us to be the hosts because we have cool name tags. Which is true. my name tag is legit. I seriously loved hosting and am so glad I got to see my best friend in the whole wide world!!!( :  There's a possibility I'll be here and able to host Aaron... how cool would that be!  I just can only take him to get his tag and books- then I have to hand him off to an elder to let him go to his room. but yeah, tell her to check it. I'm going to tell her to keep an eye out for me. we won't know till that week if we're hosting but I seriously hope I can. it'd be awesome.
 Guess who Sister Crook Found!  Her sister from another mother!  Sister Mertens just arrived at the MTC and is headed to Vancouver, WA in an ASL mission.
 The whole Hong Kong clan
 Loves being a host on Wednesdays!
 Sister Crook and her companions
 Sister Crook and Sister Mertens...
... and again
 Cute little Tessa made these adorable Sister Minionaries for her sister.  How amazing are they?   I think Sister Crook has the most beautiful happy eyes in this photo.
 Sundays are the day of rest, literally.
 Sister Mertens and Sister Crook again.
 P-Day #4 with the whole Hong Kong clan!

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